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Everyone also has a story; everyone IS a story, and everyone wants to have their
story "heard". Most of this site consists of peoples' stories - stories of life, from life,
about challenges and triumphs. And because these occur every where, every day,  
this site which is a form of the "never-ending-story", will never be completely
"finished" - it will remain a work in progress - because people are writing stories

The stories are important - it's a big part of the process of learning: they help us
make progress. Knowledge is acquired by degrees, sometimes with tiny barely
perceptible incremental steps forward, and once in a while by sudden leaps - it too,  
is a never-ending process: the more we learn, the more we learn that there is more  
to learn.

Because of the sheer quantity, the titles are  spread over several "Topical" pages - in somewhat
random order. The Navigation Menus and Icons will guide you.

They are meant to be enjoyed, and may be shared and distributed. Just copy the link from the
top of this post you like, and paste into your email, messenger or chat places.

The stories were acquired from many diverse sources; some have my   own perspective added.
They are for your enjoyment. My wish is that they will assist you on your journey of life and
gaining awareness. And IF you'd like to share the story of your life journey, by all means, send
it along please; or any story from someone else you may find. Thank you.

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An Abundance of Life
A humorous look at how you can
walk your walk of life

Believe In You     >

Your Awakening     >

The Road Less Travelled   >


Walk Your Talk-1

The Journey Of The Soul  

Freedom 2

Let Go (Fear)          

Information Please   >

If I Knew You Really Cared . . >

A Creed To Live By   >

Living In The Dash      >

Happiness Is A Voyage

Did You Know

After A While/Después    >
de un Tiempo

A Valentine For The Soul   >

Five Rules For Being Happy  >

The Starfish: Making A Difference

My Comfort Zone               >
Everything you want is just
outside your comfort zone

Today Is The Day           >
It doesn't take time to change  your
destiny; just that first single step -

Wet Pants a story of empathy and
compassion. When a decisive moment
shows up, either you step up to the
plate, or . . . .

Three (Important) Words   >
The most powerful words are often
the smallest - and perhaps most
difficult to say at times.

You Asked Why          >
The importance of taking time to get
to know people well.  

Wish You Enough    >
The Power of Love and the
importance of staying in touch and let
people know how you feel

Do Not UnderEstimate Your
; it's so easy to see only
our faults, read this and it will help
get your perspective back.

Our Balance Sheet Of Life  >
A neat look at the assets and liabilities
of our personal lives.

Open Letter from God       >
If God were to write open letters,  
they might look like this.

True Love Never Dies    >
A story of love that transcends time
and space

Different Drum-Different
On being different

My Grandfather   >
Deep abiding love till the end.

Of Roses and Thorns    >
A story of learning to see beauty
through "new" eyes

RED ROSES for a Special Lady  >
a beautiful Valentine Story
The Desiderata  >

Letting Go   >
(different version)

The Sandpiper   >
Innocence of childhood

Special Place  >

An Attitude of    >

Slow Me Down    

The Joy Of Life

Hold On Tightly   
To What's Important

Awesome Stress     >
Management analogy

The Power of Attitude >
and Forgiveness:

Pay It Forward:           >
The Chain Of Love

Pay It Forward-2       
More chain of Love

Cracked Pots           >
Beauty and Character
in the ageing process

Pebbles and Ripples:  >
A story about the ripple
effect of all our actions

The Butterfly Story   >
A story for all parents,
caregivers/helpers and other

Position-Choice: a story
that reminds us the calmness
helps prepare us for life

What Will Matter     >
And What Won't, when
you're gone

Winning vs Losing      >
The difference lies in Attitude

Yesterday, Today,
Tomorrow           >
Making the shift to abolish
"yesterday" and "tomorrow"
from your life - to focus only
on Today

The Winding Road  >
About getting out of your  
head and your own way

The Strangest Secret   >
About the amazing power    of
your mind to achieve anything;

you want

Y-O-U Are Special     >
You are a unique manifestation
of the Universe

Risking The Walls Of Love
The importance of engaging
each other - intimacy and the
power of Love

The Train Of Life   >
The train moves forward,
leaving the past behind - for
people who want to grow.

Stop Condemning Yourself
For Past Mistakes:
it's time
to move forward - chock-full  
of hints and ideas

Paused On The Threshold
A prayer to the mystical   
spirits that live within us.

May You Always Feel  
Loved -
The beautiful
experience of love

Looking For The Rainbow >
Rainbows do not cause the  
rain, they appear because of
the rain.

Morning Blessings   >
Upbeat good wishes for your

Dreams-Dreamers   >
The importance of fulfilling
your dreams

Maybe . . . .               >
Maybe . . .  this page will   
help you find some useful
answers for your life
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