If you search the world for happiness,
you may find it in the end,
for the world is round
and will lead you back to your door. 1

Know Someone Who Needs Help In Tough Times?  
Happiness In Hard Times:
-Specific Strategies-

The happiness of most people
is not ruined by great catastrophes
or fatal errors,
but by the repetition
of slowly destructive little things.

Wrap The Pain In Love
- Don't deny or dismiss the emotional pain
that comes from major life losses
and devastating changes.

Wrap the pain in love.
Give yourself warm, comforting hugs.
When you feel the pain,
comfort yourself
and wrap the pain in love.

The journey to happiness
involves finding the courage
to go down into ourselves
and take responsibility
for what's there:
all of it. 3

Action, Activity & Achievement Are Healing
- Address high priority tasks in small, specific steps.
Try to be at your best all of the time.
Make lists, check off and celebrate completed tasks.
Achievement is encouraging and empowering.
Happiness Is Healing.

Misery is almost always
the result of thinking.

Revolt & Rebel
- Against situations and forces that distress or depress your spirit.
Don’t give them control of your thoughts, actions or feelings.
Don’t help them hurt you.

We are no longer happy
so soon as
we wish to be happier. 5

Explore, Enjoy New Experiences
- Crises and changed circumstances offer new joys,
new opportunities, new benefits.
acquire new skills,
strengthen existing capabilities,
expand your definitions of happiness and success
in new or changed environments.

The search for happiness
is one of the chief sources
of unhappiness.

Choose Your Mood & Attitude
- Picture yourself happy,
successful and confident.
Consciously connect with those feelings,
project them
and they become genuinely yours.

There can be no happiness
if the things we
believe in
are different from the things we do. 7

Turn Negative Judgments Into Positive Action Items
- Negative judgments fuel all fear,
worry, anxiety and despair.

Now and then it's good
to pause in our pursuit
of happiness
and just be happy.

Ask, “Can this negative judgment help me in some way?”
If YES, turn the negative judgment into positive action items.
NO, discard it.
Focus your time, energy and attention
on activities that build happiness
and spiritual success.

If you observe a really happy person
you will find
hir building a boat,
writing a symphony,
hir son or daughter,
growing double dahlias in
hir garden,
or looking for dinosaur eggs in the Gobi desert.
S/he will not be searching for happiness
as if it were a collar button
that has rolled under the radiator.
S/he will not be striving for it as a goal in itself.
S/he will have become aware that s/he is happy
in the course of living life
twenty-four crowded hours of the day.

Letting Go Does NOT Mean Giving Up
- It means achieving goals in different ways.
Find new sources of happiness,
joy and success
in new or changed circumstances.

The moment you ask yourself
whether you are happy. . .
you cease to be so. 10

Misery Is Meant To Make Us Move
- Misery signals something has changed,
something needs to change,
or both.

Real happiness comes from inside.
can give it to you. 11

Make changes to stop the misery.
You may need to change
what you are doing,
how you are thinking,
what you are feeling
or change all three.

Gandhi said that happiness is when
what you think,
what you say,
and what you do
are in harmony:  
which one of these
do you want us to go by
when they don’t match?

Turn Distress & Despair Into A Determined Desire To Triumph
- Redirect misery into a defiant desire to triumph over difficulties,
enjoy life,
and be happy.

Unhappiness is
not knowing what we want
and killing ourselves to get it.

Decide What You're Going To Do, Find Ways To Enjoy It
- Enthusiasm, energy and determination to complete tasks well
are just as important as developing good plans.

The art of living does not consist
in preserving and clinging to
a particular mode of happiness,
but in
allowing happiness
to change its form
without being disappointed
by the change;
like a child,
must be allowed to grow up.

Use Anger To Your Advantage
- Channel anger toward positive, constructive purposes.
Use anger to help you rebound, and
triumph over difficulties and be happy.

Plenty of people
miss their share of happiness,
not because they never found it,
but because
they didn't stop to enjoy it.

Be Kind, Honest, Have Integrity, Live By Good Values
- Living by good values helps you to feel good.
No matter how things turn out,
you know you did YOUR Best.

Happy is something you be;
not something you get,
and definitely not something
that someone else makes you.

Love Expansively        
- Love propels happiness.
Loving is something we can decide to do.

To be happy,
love what you do,
love the people around you,
love your work,
love yourself. 16

Happiness cannot be traveled to,
owned, earned, worn or consumed.
Happiness is the spiritual experience
of living every minute with love,
and gratitude.
Happiness is a method of life;
- not a destination;
it is our lives’ journey itself.
Only you can choose its quality:
- to enjoy it
- or to miserably engage
in a futile chase
after a non-existent chimera
called “happiness”.
Happiness is what you feel when you're NOT feeling . . . .

self doubt





Happiness is not in our circumstances
but in ourselves.
It is not something we see,
like a rainbow,
feel, like the heat of a fire.
Happiness is something we
are. 19

If you’ve never experienced happiness,
how will you recognize it
when you find it (achieve it),
and how will you know what to do with it?

You will never be happy
if you continue to search for
what happiness consists of.  
You will never live
if you are looking for
the meaning of life.

The second biggest sources of unhappiness:
the grass
always looks greener on the other side
- once you’ve got into that mode -
no matter which side you’re on,
or how many times you change sides.

Happiness is like a butterfly,
which, when pursued,
is always just beyond your grasp,
but which, if you will sit down quietly,
may alight upon you.

If you want something half-heartedly
you will
NEVER get it.

If you want something
(especially if you keep the thing not
in your heart
as your heart),
go straight after it without
or reservation,
only then you will get it.
If you keep changing your mind
about whether you want something or not,
you will
NOT get it. 22

When you have finally
cleared house,
renovated the entire interior,
eliminated, pushed away,
thrown out, and rearranged
all the things that are not included
in your vision of what makes you happy,
then, what is left is your happiness.
Savor and enjoy it fully
- you have succeeded  
- and smile,
happy people smile;
c’mon, let’s see it.

Happiness is not a reward
--  it is a consequence.
is not a punishment
-- it is a result. 23

When you have once seen
the glow of happiness
on the face of a beloved person,
you know
that a you can have no vocation
but to awaken that light
on the faces surrounding you . . .

You can do it.
Follow your heart,
Look in the right places,
And you’ll arrive where you wanted:
Destination - happiness.
Note: the word “hir” in this snippet stands for “his/her”
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