The wind still whistles thru the trees
and keeps her secrets.
Mini daydreams flood the mind
with paths once taken.
Past moments etched in time
that remain forever precious.
"I'm bored!"
the young child said.

Why are you bored?"
Grandpa asked.
I want to go on vacation to the shore and
that's not until August."

"Time for me is moving too fast.
It seems like just yesterday your daddy was your age.
Now he's grown with his own child,"
the old man said.

"Grandpa, how can time move slow for me
and fast for you?"

                 We are embarked on a journey
Life . . . 2

The old man sat up in his chair,
reached into his pocket,
and pulled out his pocket watch.
It was a classic engraved timepiece,
a gold one that would catch the fancy of any young child.

"Grandpa, that's awesome!"
the young boy said.

"Awesome, indeed!" he said.
Then leaning toward the child he whispered,
"And it's magical."

                         Life is not Burger King 2

What can it do?"
the child asked.

Grandpa smiled and said,
"Put things into perspective!"

What’s per . . . spek . . . tuv?"

                                 Life comes along . . .
                                 bringing with it whatever it brings;

he said correcting him.
The old man leaned closer to the child.
"Watch the hands.
In particular watch the second hand."

The two of them sat nearly head to head
watching the hand clicking off the seconds.

"What's it doing?" the child asked.

"One, two, three, four, five, six . . ."
the old man counted.
"Now, you hold it."

The old man carefully placed the watch in his hand.
To a child his age,
it was like holding a golden toy,
one of those forbidden
‘things he should never touch.’

"Tell me what you see," Grandpa said.

The child, trying as hard as he could to see the magic;
the ‘per . . . spek . . . tuv’,
stopped looking in frustration.
"Grandpa, I don’t see anything,"
he said.

 Life is served up the way it comes,
 when it comes,
 and how it comes.
         Not your way;
         (the way you want). . .
                 nor necessarily when
                           and where, or how you want. 2

"Look again,
count the clicks,"  
he urged the child.

"One, two, three, four, five . . ."

"Keep going," Grandpa said.

"Six, seven, eight, nine, ten . . ."

"Don't stop!"

"This is boring!"
the young child said.

"It's moving too fast,"
Grandpa said.

"It's not,"
the child told him.
"It's the same as when you counted it."

The old man sat up and smiled.


The young boy looked at him for a few seconds,
then back down at the watch.

"I don't get it,"
he said.

"Because I am older,
I see the hand on the watch sweeping past the numbers.
Because you are young,
you see them clicking slowly by.
Time is how you see it,
how much you value it,
how long you've lived it."

                 Perspective: preprogrammed expectations?
                 There is always the danger
                 of arrogance . . .
                 for Life appears to you
                 as you’ve been taught to see it,
                 as your mind is conditioned
                 to perceive it;
                 bringing emotional attachment to your
                 perspective – your values.
                 Understanding, compassion and humility,
                 remind us that others also do the same . . .

"You see all the time in the world.
I want to see all the world
in the time I have left."

"But it's the same time,"
said the boy.

the grandfather said as he reached over to hug the child.

                         Remember others:
                           they too, have their story . . .

It would be a few years later,
long after that moment was forgotten by the young child,
that the old man passed away.

Sitting at home with his parents after the funeral that day,
the boy, now in his early teens,
sat quietly at the dinner table.
His father walked in and placed a small box in front of him.

"What's this?" he asked.

"Grandpa told me to give this to you."

A chill washed over the young man
as he sat up and held the small box.

"He said you would appreciate it.
He said it was magical,"
his mother added.

Now fumbling nervously to open the box,
he unwrapped the faded white tissue paper.

"Oh, Pop," he whispered.
"Open it up," Dad urged.

It all came rushing back to him.
There on the inside cover
he discovered an engraving
that hadn’t been there before.
"Per...spek...tuv," he read.

Tears that little boys shed, and young men won't acknowledge,
slipped slowly down his cheeks.

"Come here, Dad. Sit next to me and I'll show you the magic."

Time passes, but love never dies.

. . . their point of view . . .
. . .  their ‘perspective’ . . .
   . . . their emotional ties
           and roots,
                   as you have yours.
      . . .  their needs . . .
                      - like
they’ve been conditioned -
                              . . .  as their value system programmed them.  2

Imagine for a moment:
if your ‘perspective’
was truly
the ‘one and only one’;
there would be no need
or room,
for other cultures,
human diversity,
variation, or individuality.
It would deny, dismiss
and erase all others’ stories. 2

Perspective: subtle pre-judging?

Your eye and spirit
see only what your mind
is prepared to comprehend – your ‘perspective’.  4

Perspective: adjust, adapt, acknowledge, accept

S/he who has ears, let them hear . . .

~Dedicated to Opas and all other Grandfathers~
[1] ~Jim Martin
[2] ~Klaas Tuinman
[3] -It's All About Perspective ~Bob Perks
(A Grandfather and Perspective: a man explains to his young grandson why
people view time, value and life differently).
[4] ~(Paraphrase on Henri Bergson)

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Grandpa and the Lesson On Perspective
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