Eagles don’t flock . . . you find them you find them one at a time 2

It is the individual, creative, inventive, artistic and generally rare, who moves the civilization
forward . . . the rest survive. Surviving is good. No lives are wasted in the most basic sense.

We may not understand the human dramas unfolding around us . . . we may not need to.
They are the woven threads of the fabric of life itself and none are without meaning
and contribution.

In the most glorious sense, each life is its own end - to fulfill that which the soul was set out to
do, learn, accomplish, repair and come full circle to the
"yes" the universe waits to hear.
That "yes" is different for everyone and it is not measured externally as the world sees it,
as the world (society) judges.

Society sees success as fame, money, power, like a rock star/movie star royalty . . . perhaps
with throngs swarming around . . . That, too, is its own end . . . but what is that unless it lifts
the children out of poverty, schools the uneducated; giving hope to the person who despairs
of any?

Size might matter with regard to what painting will hang in the contemporary museum,
the 15 minutes of fame Warhol predicted . . . but don't we want that deeper connection,
that discovery of our own country, at peace and contented that the life we lived was not fear-
filled and untried?

Have no regret . . . unless that you let your life go without having lived it . . . that is a sad thing.

That is not you, sister-mother; brother, friend, father-dad.
Things come and go . . . a home chapel; retreat; a contemplative space; can soothe the aches
of a thousand but by being in that sacred space created to channel the light and wisdom of
the universe into the dark parts of the souls of humankind, your peace cannot be taken from
and that is one of the greatest riches on earth.

Some say it is never too late . . . but sometimes hesitation allows a door to close forever.
Do what you know to do. Do your best. Give thanks in all things.
Thank you
for your ministry
and message.

Sometimes . . . we need to stop analyzing the past stop planning the future
stop trying to figure out precisely how we feel
stop deciding with our mind what we want our heart to feel
Sometimes we just have to go with . . .
whatever happens - happens' 3
"Goodbye," said the fox. "And now here is my secret, a very simple secret:
It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye
." 4

Your profession is not what brings home your paycheck. Your profession is what you were put on
earth to do . . . with such passion and such intensity that it becomes spiritual in calling.

New insights fail to get put into practice because they conflict with deeply held internal images
of how the world works . . . images that limit us to familiar ways of thinking and acting.

                                     When a sound is heard
                                     a voice is spoken
                                     when a vision is seen
                                     a dream is open
                                     when a voice is spoken
                                     a mind is flowing
                                     when a dream is lived
                                     the heart is growing

There is something holy,
something divine
hidden in the most ordinary situations,
and it is up to each one of us to discover it  . . .

Go forth . . .
    do it . . .
            enjoy the journey . . .
[1] -Fulfilling The Soul’s Journey  ~Leslie Aguillard
- used with kind permission.
[2] ~
Ross Perot
[3]  ~Unknown
[4] ~From "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
[5] ~Vincent Van Gogh
[6] ~Peter Senge
[7] ~Allen Steble
[8] ~Fr. Josemaria Escriva
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