Believe In You!
You can’t do what you want,
'till you know what you’re doing;
and you can’t know what you’re doing,
till you know who you are.
  And until then, believing in you
i                                s more than just a challenge . . .

It is a great mystery
that another person
can find you a lifelong source of reassurance
that you cannot for a moment
detect in yourself.

Sometimes you meet someone inspirational.
They move you beyond anything,
and you are left in awe
thinking that person is so strong
and just complete.  

They know themselves,
their passions,
they push way beyond their limits.
In fact, do they have any at all?  

They work so hard,
and their strength
plows them right through to exhaustion,
and they keep pushing.

Pull yourself back
on the path you need to be on,
gamble a little,
put trust in fate,
but know that your heart will lead you.  

Have the strength
to push down those barriers;
how did they ever get there?
and why?
yet. . . .
did they ever really exist to begin with?

Dear one,
no matter what the turmoil,
will give you the strength
to push past those invisible walls.

if you choose. . . . 3
Go beyond what you see
Go beyond to what you believe
Go beyond to what seems to be your destiny

Keep moving toward what is yours
Go beyond those so-called closed doors

Go beyond the words of deceit
Words used to cause defeat

Go beyond others opinions of you
Don't let them dictate what you can do

Go beyond the nay-sayers
Be your own believer

Believe in you

Believe in what God
Has created you to do

Know that within you are abilities:
abilities that will cause you to be an achiever.
That is why you must be a believer

A believer in yourself

Go beyond others’ thoughts of you
Learn to believe in yourself
and to yourself be true

For your life is
dependent on
what you believe
and what you do


always believing in You  4
If you spend your whole life complaining,
you will look back on your life and complain
that you never appreciated anything.

If you spend your life appreciating everything,
you will always have something to look
forward to.
Without accepting the fact that everything changes,
we cannot find perfect composure.

But unfortunately,
although it is true,
it is difficult for us to accept it.

Because we cannot accept
the truth of transience,
we suffer. 4

If nothing ever changed,
there'd be no butterflies.
Deep enough and strong enough
Believes in you hard enough and long enough
Before you knew it, someone else would think
"If s/he can do it, I can do it"
Making it two.
Two whole people who believe in you.
And maybe even you can believe in you too.

As much as possible, be on good terms with all people,
but surround and associate yourself mostly
with people who believe in you, and affirm you.

If you want to be confident,
but don’t normally act that way,
today, just this once,
act in the physical world
the way you believe a confident person would.

And oh yes,
Never forget to tell someone the good you see in them,
Who knows what profound effect that single, simple act may have . . .

When you’ve had your Awakening
you’re ready again for The Road Less Travelled,
- you may find that reading the
will give you a helpful boost too

- believe in you!
[1] ~Klaas Tuinman
[3] -Dark Horse and A Cherry Tree ~anon
[4] -Believe In You  ~Tecko H. Green 2006
** This entire selection is dedicated in gratitude
to Deborah Anne Canivet (not an ordinary person - by a long shot)
[5] ~Klaas Tuinman
[6] ~Robin and the Muppet Gang
[7] ~Wayne Dyer
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