BEGINNINGS - Motivational Inspirations
to assist you in Your Awakening to New Beginnings
presented by Klaas Tuinman  at the virtual Dawn Cove Abbey
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Your Awakening: the
dawning of your new Life

In 5 Chapters


Rules For Being Human

Journey Of
The Soul

Promise Yourself

I am your Attitude

I Believe: revisited
An opportunity to take
inner inventory

My Special Place
-Alyson Stormwolf


I Have Learned:
Divine Choices

A Life Full Of

The Power of
Attitude and
(emotional baggage)

The Butterfly Story
A lesson for all parents,
helpers, caregivers
and professionals

The Starfish:
Making A Difference

What Will Matter
and What Won't when
you're gone

The Strangest Secret
About the amazing power
of your mind to achieve
anything you want

You Asked Why
The importance of taking time
to get to know people well.

Risking The Walls
Of Love
The importance of engaging
each other - intimacy and
the power of Love

Do Not Under
Greatness; it's so easy to
see only our faults, read
this and it will help get your
perspective  back.

Maybe . . . .
Maybe . . .  this page will
help you find some useful
answers for your life

are a Voyage
The Winding Road
About getting out of your
head and in your own way

Courage and Strength

Fulfilling The
Soul's Journey

Tidbits from Grandma
(the distilled wisdom of
Grandmas everywhere)

Hold On Tightly
to what's truly Important

Joy In Your Journey

Slow Me Down

Life Is
NOT About . . .

Love comes
Eyes that . . .

Please Hear What
I'm Not Saying

Choice  1

Please Listen
(when i talk to you)

The Rhythm
Of Life
A story about going with
with the flow . .  of life.

My Comfort Zone
Every thing you want is just
outside your comfort zone

Wish You Enough
The Power of Love and the
importance of staying in
touch and let people
know how you feel

Stop Condemning
Past Mistakes: it's
time to move forward
- chock-full  of hints and ideas

May You Always
Feel Loved
-The beautiful experience
of love

I Woke Up

Making the shift to
abolish "yesterday" and
"tomorrow" from your life
- to focus only on Today


more added regularly
You are not going on a journey, you are already on a journey; one that began when
    you were born. Instead, you are looking to make changes in your path, or select a
    new path - and that is exciting,  for it will lead to new and different outcomes; ones
    which will bring you joy, happiness, peace, and serenity.

    Sometimes, you just need a fresh start; a clean slate. Just get rid of everything
    gone/going wrong, and make it go right. Sometimes, you need to delete a number,
    do your hair, move to a new space, or quit a job. Purge all negative things, and focus
    on the positive. Just DO it.

    This growing section of stories about awakening, and re-direction, all written by those
    who travelled that road before, and who wanted to share their experience in a way
    that would help others; people like yourself. It is their way of paying forward the help
    they received, or the knowledge and insights that they were given.

    "We're all walking each other home", and I offer them here for you to explore and
    read at you leisure. May they provide you with your "ah-ha" moments, or give you
    insights as to what your next step can be - or an increased understanding of your
    own situation - or of others.

    Take your time, and enjoy. New stories added regularly.

    Perhaps you'd like to share YOUR story to help inspire others; or maybe
    you've come across a truly good, moving story about their successful journey:
    if so, please send it to me to add to the collection, thank you.
The importance of starting over
(New Beginning)

Each night you "die" to old habits and
beliefs that no longer serve you; and
each morning you are "resurrected" to
a New Life - IF you so choose.

It has been said that "no-one can
make a brand-new start (or beginning)
- that there's only one "start".  While
that is partially true, - it is also true
that anyone can redirect their path,
at any time, toward new outcomes.

That fundamental truth provides Hope:
you can switch paths, or back-track a
bit to a different fork, or create a
fresh, brand-new trail. The choices are