is but a dream

and tomorrow
is only a vision,

but today well spent
makes every yesterday
a dream of happiness

and every tomorrow
a vision of hope.
Happiness is to be found along the way,
not at the end of the road,
for then the journey is over
and it is too late.
Down a windy road
that stretched all along the mountain, I travelled.

The weather was moist, bright and light,
so not taxing on my body.

My firm thighs absorbed the pounce of every leg lift,
up and down
and eventually,
I tired.

I sat down on a large boulder,
and a bird sat down next to me.

He said,
“I get tired too from all my flying.
I like to sit down on these rocks too
and stretch my wings and let them rest.”

“Me, I just want to reach the end of this road.
So I keep walking and walking.
Where does this road end?”

Having the advantage of a wide perspective,
he answered,
“It ends anytime you like.”

“What do you mean?”

you can jump off the edge of the road
and wander
into the forest anytime you like.”

“But I want to get to the end of this road
to get somewhere else.”

“When you stop off the road,
you will be somewhere else.
The road is all the time somewhere else…
you are never standing still.”

“But I keep seeing the same old things
and I’m bored.
I want to move on.”

“Step sideways then,
step OFF the road.”

she stepped off the road and into the forest.

The coolness of the trees provided a shade
she didn’t realise she thirsted for.

The flow of a stream nearby
reminded her of how thirsty she was.

The soft ground underneath her feet,
reminded her of how tired she was.

She laid down on a bed of leaves
and fell asleep,
into a deep,
        deep sleep.

                  In her dream,
          the world looked different.

  It was bright pastelly,
with talking animals
and great colours
that screamed out at you . . .
not in a threatening way
but in a way that said,

“I AM”.

In her dream she met an elf,
and the elf,
or gnome, or whatever he was,
wanted to play a game.

She liked games
and decided to play one with him.

Who could spot the crooked flower,
  was the name of the game.
All mimsy were the borogoves  . . . 3

Step off the road!
(your head is the road to step off from) . . .
as in, "get out of your head"
[1] -A Windy Road ~Unknown
[2] ~unknown
[3] ~Lewis Carroll
A MorningStar Inspiration from
Dawn Cove Abbey
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The Winding Road