I remember his dark, mysterious eyes and his wild, yet so perfect,   
hair. His smile lit up the room. His name was Keith. When I was in sixth
grade I had the biggest crush on him although I'd never met him.

My best friend at the time, Kristen, had pictures of him everywhere.
Every time I would go to her house, I would sit on her bed admiring    
his dark gaze and knowing deep down in my heart that he was the man  
of my dreams and the only guy in the world that would ever be perfect
for me.

Kind of a strange thing for me to be thinking, considering I had never
once in my life spoken one word to him. But I just knew.

Eventually I made it to seventh grade. I moved up into the Jr. High    
with him (he was in eighth). On the first day of school I was so anxious
to meet him.

Kristen introduced us and right away we hit it off. Starting that day we
talked endlessly on the phone. Sometimes I wouldn't realize what time   
it was and get off around 4 in the morning.

I loved talking to Keith.
I told him everything about me, and he told me everything about  
himself. Soon we went on a "date" and really started liking each other     
a lot. But, with my luck, another girl came along and screwed it up.

Don't think that we didn't talk after that. We became BEST friends.
And the greatest thing was, we always had those hidden feelings for
each other no matter if one of us had another significant other or not.
There was always a great passion inside me for him that nothing could
take away.

A couple years later, when I was a sophomore and Keith was a junior,
something bad happened. I betrayed his trust and lied to him about
something really important to him.

I felt terrible but I could understand why he wasn't talking to me.
This went on for about 2 months not talking and I missed him with all   
my heart. I prayed everyday for God to bring us back together because
I know we were meant to be.

One day I got a call from Keith's mom saying that he was hit by a drunk
driver  and was in critical condition. Right then my heart stopped. I
didn't want to   believe it. This couldn't be happening.
I loved him too much and we had a future together.

There would be no more going to restaurants together and spitting spit
wads at the waitresses, no more shoulder to cry on and no one to tell   
my deepest darkest secrets to, no one to call in the middle of the night
to just talk because I couldn't sleep, and no one to talk about our future
plans together when we get married and are rich and have one baby boy.
Worst of all; no more best friend.

That night I went up to the hospital to see him. He could barely talk at
all. I  looked at him and I cried. That's all I could do. I wanted him to
forgive me, I wanted him to stay.
I wanted to kiss him,
I wanted to pray.

I wanted to laugh with him, I wanted him to live.
But what I did instead was cry.
Then he did something that I will never forget.   

He grabbed my hand and said these words:
"Amy, I will never stop loving you.
I love you with all my heart.
You're my best friend, sister,
and my first and only love."

Then he fell asleep.
"I love you too Keith", I whispered,
and I slowly walked out of his room with tears streaming down my  
cheeks. The next morning I got another call from his mom.
This time she said,
"I'm sorry Amy, Keith has passed away".

I could hear the hurt and pain in her trembling voice.
I cried, but then I remembered:
True love never dies.  1
Love is two people in love,
who bond as one,
destined for each other;
A piece of their spirit remains
wherever they have been
A part of each has become a piece of the other,
They have become one union,
        together forever and never apart;
        maybe in distance,
                nevertheless, there will always
                be a piece of the other
                         in each other's heart. 2
MorningStar Inspirations from
Dawn Cove Abbey
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1] --- Written by A.G., - Washington
2] ~Anon
3] Unknown