I thought I’ve always taken the road less travelled.
I guess I did make myself believe that for quite some time.
Now I have no qualms admitting to myself
that I only thought I did.

From the start of the journey,
I had one foot out the door I guess.
I was taking one step forward,
and two steps back each time.

Just like that saying goes,
I built a wall around me
to see if anyone cared enough
to try and break it down.
But I’d only been playing a game;
because I told myself I didn’t
really want anyone to care,
so I threatened to lay an assault charge.
A game: stupid and mean – with two people hurt.
Someone cared enough to risk getting hurt,
Yet I, like it is also said,
I pushed away the thing I want the most
And deep down I didn’t want that game;
I wanted someone to care.
For a moment my heart did grow wings
- I saw hope – and then the fear struck
and in panic I lashed out.
Yet, I want to change.
Will anyone believe me now?
Will someone reach out
and risk again?

               The universe is just conspiring
       to show me
what a fool I’ve made of myself.
Lately, so many circumstances
have pointed out the fact that having the guts
to do things is not really enough.

What I need is to have the guts
to do things that matter the most to me.

It’s not enough to fight for something -
that you don’t know the reason why you are fighting
for it in the first place.
Same as going after something/someone without a thought as to
why you’re going through all the trouble for it in the first place.

Sometimes, going after someone/something
without knowing why you should
is so pointless.
It’s just wasting time,
a luxury that you don’t have.

What if you’re going after something so hard for
and then one day you just realize after getting it
that it’s not what you wanted all along.
You don’t even know what the fuss was all about in the first place.

And you’ve known deep down
what you wanted since the very beginning
but you were too scared
to go after it so you went after something else
to play it safe
because if and when you failed,
it wouldn’t sting half as much.

So all along you kidded yourself into thinking
you were taking the road less travelled,
taking big risks,
diving headfirst,
free-falling into the unknown.

But all along, you played it safe.
You took the wrong risks
and felt giddy with the fake highs.
And how dumb was that?

I want no more of that.
This time around I’m going out bare-naked.
Stop wasting away by chasing after the wind.

I’m now going for the gold.
I won’t pretend I’m not scared out of my wits.

Eyes are going to roll,
tongues are going to wag.

On top of that
I’d finally be giving myself a second chance
at something I shied away from years ago
because I didn’t want to fail
at the one thing I knew I was born to do.

No pressure, right? Ha!

So there.
I’ve just recently taken one baby step towards that.

I just hope and pray I won’t take two giant steps backward.
I’m going after that dream and
finally taking
the road less travelled. 2
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I —
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
Baggage: everyone’s got some
– that’s not the problem:
it’s whether you control and heal it,
or it whether it controls
and destroys you.

You can at any time reinvent yourself
You can learn new things at any time in your life,
For you can undo core irrational beliefs. . .
and drop the '
stinkin’ thinkin
(change your head – change your life),
and . . . a whole new world opens up to you.
And be free.
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In the story of your life
may you write the very best book
you can.

Have pages on understanding,
and tales
of overcoming hardships,

fill your story with romance,
adventure, poetry
and laughter.

Make each chapter reflect time well spent.
* The Road less Travelled - a selection from, "One! The [1] -Robert Frost
[2] -The Road Less Travelled ~Written by a woman who has chosen to stay Anonymous~
[3] ~Anne M.
[4] ~Unknown
[5] ~Unknown
The Road Less Travelled
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“If the path before you is clear, you're probably on someone else's.”
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