You would not exist
if you did not have something
to bring to the table of life.

Joy springs from within;
no one makes you joyous;
choose joyfulness. 2
To every person there openeth,
a high and a low.
The high soul climbs the high way
The low soul gropes the low.

But to every person
there openeth a high way and a low
And every person
decideth the way hir* soul shall go.

Joy is an integral part
of an unconditional part of life;
the wish to live and love. . .
Joy of life comes from within
Not from outer people and things
Please yourself and do as you choose
You'll find that you'll grow new golden wings

For life is meant to be enjoyed
In creative expression of who you are
Freedom of choice is your gift from God
Who quietly observes as you reach for a star

Control only self leaving others alone
To find their own way however they choose
Their way does not matter, only your own
So work on yourself, this way you can't lose

Problems occur when we try to change others
To fill all our needs when they can't fill their own
The answers all lie in self independence
Give love to your Self, then you'll have grown

For you cannot change what's external to you
You can only change your own inner self
So acknowledge yourself and see what brings pain
Seek out the cause and restore inner health

For when mind body and spirit are beating as one
In harmony and peace that flow from the heart
Then the love of your being doth manifest joy
In experience of life where you choose your own part

For whatever you do, doth return unto you
Like attracts like, like a magnet would do
Fear begets fear, pain brings more pain
But a heart sharing love, attracts love unto you

If all the Creator’s children did sort out themselves
Releasing all fears and trusting in Self
Respecting all life that's all born of God
The world would soon heal and enjoy spiritual wealth

For we're all a part of the One Soul of God
Like a cell in His being, a part of The Whole
The Life Force runs through each one of us
Connecting all life in Divine Wondrous Soul

If you've joy in your life, you're on the right track
If things are not working, then change your direction
Let go of all things that bring sadness and pain
Then just go with the flow and fly into the sun.
To love at all is to be vulnerable.
Love anything,
and your heart will certainly be wrung and possibly broken.

If you want to make sure of keeping it intact,
you must give your heart to no one,
not even to an animal.
Wrap it carefully round with hobbies
and little luxuries;
avoid all entanglements;
lock it up safe in the casket or coffin
of your selfishness.

But in that casket
- safe, dark, motionless, airless-
it will change.
It will not be broken;
it will become unbreakable,

Participate joyfully in the sorrows of the world.
We cannot cure the world of sorrows,
but we can choose to live in joy.

Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile,
but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.

If you can't be joyful where you are,
it's a cinch you can't be joyful where you ain't.

Why view life as half done,
when tomorrow brings so much wonder?
If you're living life by the day,
then you're not living life at all.
Always remember that the sun is always shining,
even when it's dark.
Just open the window to your heart
and let it in.
* Hir; gender-neutral word for his/her
~Herbie Hancock
[2] ~Klaas+
[3] -Joy of Life: A Poem   ~Mary Hession (adapted)
[4] ~An old Chinese adage
[5] ~C.S. Lewis
[6] ~Joseph Campbell
[7] ~Thich Nhat Hanh
[8] ~M.C
It's better to light just one little candle
Than to stumble in the dark
And if everyone lit just one little candle
What a bright world this would be
Joy Of Life
Dawn Cove Abbey