The value of the personal
relationship to all things  
is that it creates intimacy
and intimacy creates
understanding and
understanding creates  
-Anais Nin
The Greatest Thing About Forgiveness?
. . .There is no retaliation

Tension is who you think you should be.
Relaxation is who you are.
~Chinese Proverb
                      A Personal Balance Sheet

Our Birth                        is our Opening Balance
Our Death                        is our Closing Balance

Our Prejudiced Views        are our Liabilities
Our Creative Ideas            are our Assets

Heart                                is our Current Asset
Soul                                is our Fixed Asset
Brain                                is our Fixed Deposit

Thinking                            is our Current Account
Achievements                    are our Capital
Character & Morals            our Stock-in-Trade

Friends                                are our General Reserves

Values & Behaviour                are our Goodwill

Patience                                is our Interest Earned

Love                                is our Dividend

Children                        are our Bonus Issues

Education                        is Brands / Patents
Knowledge                        is our Investment
Experience                        is our Premium Account

The Aim                  is to Tally the Balance Sheet
                              of Life Accurately.
The Goal                  is to get the Best Presented
                              Accounts Award.

-Our Balance Sheet of Life
~Author Unknown
       Some Good      –      Some not-so-good Things

The most destructive habit
. . .Worry

The greatest Joy
. . . Living

    The greatest loss
            . . .Loss of self-respect

    The most satisfying work
            . . .Helping others

      The ugliest personality trait
      . . .  Selfishness

The most endangered species
. . .Dedicated leaders

    Our greatest natural resource
            . . .Our youth

    The greatest "shot in the arm"
            . . . Encouragement

      The greatest problem to overcome
      . . .Fear

The most effective sleeping pill
. . .Peace of mind

    The most crippling failure disease
            . . .Excuses

    The most powerful force in life
            . . .Love

      The most dangerous pariah
      . . .A gossiper

The world's most incredible computer
. . .The brain

    The worst thing to be without
            . . .Hope

    The deadliest weapon
            . . .The tongue

      The two most power-filled words
      . . ."I Can"

      The greatest asset
      . . .Faith

    The most worthless emotion
            . . .Self-pity

    The most beautiful attire
            . . .SMILE!

      The most prized possession
      . . .Integrity

The most powerful channel of communication
. . .Prayer

      The greatest obstacle
                     . . . a Grudge

     The greatest gift
             . . .Forgiveness

The most contagious spirit
. . .Enthusiasm

The most important thing in life
. . .God (however you imagine him/her to be)

-Some Very Good - and Some Very Bad Things
Our Balance Sheet Of Life
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