Refusing to settle for, or accepting things as they are,
is also the mother of motivation and increased empowerment!
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what you've always done;
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                      The Abbey's Healing Activities
               (Topics and Dates below this Introduction)

    Dawn Cove Abbey's Healing Circle, is conducted in Workshop format: they are a voluntary
    gathering of individuals whose interest and concern are seeking, and promoting healing - or
    who offer healing intentions. In a workshop you will be actively participating - verbally.

    Each circle-gathering focuses on the specific theme for which it came together. Dawn Cove
    Abbey's Healing Circle provides a humanistic, spiritual healing atmosphere. It is energized by
    positive and/or inspirational energies and activities.

    The purpose of workshops (as it is of Retreats and Presentations) seek healing, or
    promote reconciliation, healing, and the opportunity to offer healing intentions.

    Retreats, Presentations and Seminars for healing, recovery, and inner re-integration are also
    available. They do not require your active participation - other than questions.

    All of the above:
    * bring self-renewal, connectedness, empowerment, and healing.
    * They involve all three levels of our being: Mental, Spiritual and Emotional

                   ~ Better Lives - Better Relationships - Better Families ~
                             Regain Joy In Your Journey - and Life
           Workshops can be conducted at The Haven in Meaford, ON (my space)
           or in your home or cottage, church or other halls, convention centres, etc
                            (You make the arrangements and I'll be there)
Please Note: all topics in the Healing Libraries
can be adapted into Workshop, Seminar and Retreat formats.
Specializing in helping Adult Children of Alcoholic/Dysfunctional Families
A note on Retreats: Due to the changing nature of clients' needs,
most retreats are now offered mainly in their own area.
My retreat centre is gone - and instead use local facilities when necessary.

    SAT Apr 13         Conflict Resolution: "Fair Fighting"
    a workshop on learning to deal with family, relationship,
    and other interpersonal conflicts in more constructive
    and effective ways. At The Haven - 1/2 day (with breaks).
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    TBA   Stopping Self-Defeating/Self-Sabotaging Behaviours
    A workshop - 1/2 Day        
    Click/Tap icon to read the introductory article   >

    TBA   Bereavement: Grief and Grieving
    The Journey To Closure
    A workshop: 1/2 day
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    NOTE: Workshops can be expanded into Retreat formats

                   - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                Seminar and Presentation topics
    (Presentations and Seminars are available by request.)

    Walk the Talk - or Sit Down (2-day Seminar)
    Live what you already know deep inside
    (some people simply "talk  the "talk").
    This seminar challenges you to "walk the talk - or sit down"

    The Search For Meaning In Your Life:
    Healing The Child Within
    Empowering yourself by discovering what has real
    meaning to you, and connecting with it.

    Spirituality and the Sacred Within:
    Healing The Separated Parts
    A holistic workshop/seminar for reconnecting the
    spiritual/sacred dimension of life to the mental
    and emotional ones, to produce an integrated whole.

    Exploring Relaxation Below Your Mind:
    A two-day Workshop/Retreat to open levels below your
    conscious mind so necessary for deeper meditation,
    healing and inner spiritual growth.

    Re-connecting The Separated Pieces:
    Straight-Talk to Your Wounded Inner Child
    This powerful workshop that teaches you to reconnect
    to yourself and others focuses on:
    Undoing Core Irrational Beliefs - Stinking Thinking,
    and Irrational Fears and Beliefs

    Dealing with Irrational/Negative Fears & Thoughts:
    where they come from, and how you can stop them.
    Also available in Seminar and Retreat format.
Related Topics - Inner Child Workshops and Seminars:

These build on the "Re-connecting the separated pieces:
Straight-talk to Your Wounded Inner Child
" workshop.
It will help you find out what your inner
child’s needs are, and facilitate the healing.

Topics include:
Self-Image (
Emotional Intimacy
Anger learn to manage your anger
Grieving (lost childhood and other losses)

The steps to re-connecting to others and yourself
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Related Topics - Inner Child Workshops: continued

Why We Attract The People We Do Into Our Lives
A look at why our relationships either didn't work, or aren't working.
Perhaps it is not "them",
but something in us we need to address.

Fear of Emotional Intimacy
(learn about this barrier, and how to overcome it)
What is it?
Why do so many people fear it?
How does one risk enough to overcome
the fear and develop emotional intimacy?

Assertiveness vs Codependence Workshop
(learning to lead a balanced, self-determined life).
Excellent for overcoming
Excellent for overcoming codependency

Communication (Talking & Listening Skills in Relationships)
Oral/verbal Skills (including giving & receiving feedback)
Self-Disclosure - revealing things about yourself
(e.g. "private face" - "public face")
Learn to approach "problems" with more confidence

The Codependency Sickness Myth
Dependence, Codependence and Inter-Dependence
These are three of the most misunderstood concepts people have.
Learn about the differences, the challenges and strategies
for being successful in becoming "free".

Guilt - the paralyzing emotion: Dealing with guilt constructively
This seminar covers ownership and responsibility
and appropriate and inappropriate
learn to free yourself from the heavy burden of unnecessary guilt
- stop the paralysis and indecision.
Topics and Themes for 2019
Workshops are Half to Full Day
unless otherwise noted.

Retreats are 1-3 days (with breaks)
Presentations & Seminars are 1 to 4 hours (with breaks)
Healing Circle: Mental, Spiritual, and Emotional Healing
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