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Follow-up and Support Counseling to Seminars & Workshops
"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle
will not be shortened. Happiness (love) never decreases by being shared."
Dawn Cove Abbey is head-quartered in Ontario, Canada

The Workshops/Seminars are available anywhere
Counseling is available
anywhere with Distance Tele-counseling & Video Conferencing
  • Abuse Issues: overcome the
    effects of abusive, dysfunctional
  • Overcome the effects of  addictions
  • Managing Anxiety & Mood Disorder
  • Intimacy issues
  • Self-Worth (Self-Esteem issues)

Self-Confidence building
  • Resolving Couples, and Relationship
  • Assertiveness enhancement
  • Separation & Divorce Recovery
  • Spiritual Issues - heal past
    wounds through spiritual coaching -
   Family & Marital Counseling

Personal - Couples - Relationship
  • Overcome the effects of  growing up in a
    dysfunctional family (Adult Children)
  • Personal Issues
  • Learn new constructive life skills for a
    happier, successful and functional life
Strategies that Work

  • Conflict Resolution: Resolve conflict in a
    way that leads to deeper intimacy.
  • Affair Recovery: Survive infidelity,
    rebuild trust and strengthen the foundation
    of your relationship.
  • Communication Issues: Strengthen
    communication to increase mutual
    understanding and harmony.
  • Blended Family Issues: Build harmony
    and healthy, realistic expectations in
    blended families.
  • Abuse Issues
  • Separation & Divorce Recovery – also
    see Separation/Divorce
    counseling/coaching/counselling below.
  • Defining Mutual Goals
  • Dealing more effectively with Parent & In-
    Law Relationships
  • Understand and value the different needs
    of men and women.
  • Enhance the joy and passion of sexual
  • Identify and replace mis-beliefs and
    negative thinking that contribute to
    personal and relational stress.
  • Establish healthy boundaries.
  • Overcome & deal with the effects of
  • Heal past individual wounds that
    impact marriages.
  • Resolve parent-child conflicts and increase
    your child’s desire to co-operate.
  • Successfully manage the challenges of
    the Teen years.
  • Create or restore healthy family
    relationships among family members of
    all ages.
/ Coaching (getting your
relationship back on track)

This type of counseling/coaching/counselling
will strengthen your relationship.

Sessions are tailor-made and you choose the
focus you want, such as:
  • Communicating About Problems Openly
    & Honestly
  • Practicing Win-Win Communication
  • Defining Mutual Life Goals
  • Rediscovering Romance & Love
  • Appreciating Personal Differences
  • Developing Unity and Respect
  • Overcoming Relational Boredom
  • Learning How to Meet Your Partner's
Coaching - Counselling
counseling/coaching/counselling allows two
individuals explore the nature of their

Topics that are looked at may include:
  • Individual Expectations
  • Effective Communication Styles
  • Personality Appreciation
  • Beliefs about Roles, Sex, Money,
    Religion, and Parenting.

Pre-marriage counselling/counseling can
provide couples with the skills, information,
and self-help tools to help create a solid
foundation for their relationship.

When a relationship ends in separation or
feelings of loneliness, anger, loss and
disappointment are often produced.

Research has shown that having a strong
social support can prove invaluable; as can
talking things out with a caring professional.

Counselling - Coaching - Counseling can help
deal with the emotional and practical issues
Research has shown that working with a coach, counsellor, guide, or mentor can
assist  individuals, couples and families with the insights & tools to aid them in
building strong, committed &  fulfilling relationships for the long-term.

Relationship conflicts should always be taken seriously as they can have disastrous
consequences if left unchecked.
If you are ready to make the change / transition to begin your healing journey, help is here.
Please call, write or email without obligation (and strictly confidential)
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