In-Person and Online Distance Life Coaching
Distance Counseling from
Dawn Cove Abbey
Klaas Tuinman M.A.
Deerfield, NS.  2010-17
Workshops/Seminars are available anywhere
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Online Distance and Tele-Counseling 24/7
Because life's crisis and upsets don't always happen at convenient times

Specializing in helping Adult Children of Alcoholic/Dysfunctional Families

Call or write today to start your healing
If you are ready to make the change / transition to seriously begin your healing journey,
please write or email without obligation (and strictly confidential)
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Established in 1995, in commemoration of Abbey Dawn in Kingston, Ontario.
Other Benefits of "distance" counselling
There is less "pressure" to respond right away.
It is also the least expensive way
Distance counseling allows you to take time to think of answers.

Online conferencing can be done without camera and microphone if preferred.

OTHER ADVANTAGES of Online email or voice and/or video
•        There is NO obligation if you inquire or have questions.
        You will receive a reply with NO undesired further follow-up
•        15+ years online counseling/coaching/counselling/help experience
•        Available 24/7!

It offers so much more than the traditional approach.
Distance counseling / coaching / support is emotional/mental/spiritual health/grief  counseling without having
to go to an office - without having to leave your home.

It's receiving counseling by telephone, or by email; or by using program like Skype, WhatsApp and Facetime
on your computer, (microphone and webcam can optionally be used).
Benefit: - counseling is available virtually 7 days per week, 365 days/yr

Distance Counseling offers many important positive advantages and benefits
over traditional face-to-face counseling.
* Instant, immediate access:
through contemporary technology, you now have access that is virtually
immediate; this is critical and important in crises and emergencies
(these seldom happen “conveniently” between 9-5 Mon-Fri).

* distance or busy lifestyle no longer prevent you from
being able to access a coach/counselor in person.

* no waiting until a future appointment.
People who really want
to heal
will find a way;
those who don't,
will find an
This efficient approach to counseling allows the counselor  to assist more
more quickly, than the traditional office appointment allows.

* access to counseling whether your are away traveling,
or if you do not live close to centres where counseling is normally offered

Provides Anonymity:
many clients prefer the anonymity of a Distance Counseling
relationship and feel freer to open up and engage in self-disclosure than they
would in a traditional counseling setting.

Anonymity helps people to be more comfortable when sharing very personal
information about themselves; this particularly applies to victims of abuse
and trauma or when it comes to revealing experiences that involve shame.

Reduces Embarrassment:
t is SAFE - you are much less vulnerable, and trust is more easily established.
It avoids embarrassment such as tears, or blushing etc,
when disclosing certain information.

Less distraction:
when writing or using e-mail, there is less emotional distraction,
there is more time to gather thoughts and compose a more coherent response,
or prepare a more comprehensive picture of the issue or problem of concern.

No Financial Risk:
billing (where applicable) is always after a session
Thus you are in control - if you are not satisfied,
you can decide to pay, and terminate the arrangement.

NOTE: if you have doubts or reservations about the 'distance approach', please
remember that many universities now offer entire programs via 'distance   
education', using this same technology and approach. And many companies with
employees on flex-time also use this.

The convenience of professional support brought directly to your home by
phone, email, or video-conferencing -  help is at your fingertips,
wherever you are.
Dawn Cove Abbey
Roadside Assistance For Your Journey Through Life
- Dedicated to helping people return (and maintain) sanity and decency to life -
From the eBook: "One! The Journey hOMe", by Klaas Tuinman MA, © 2007-2017

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