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Welcome to Dawn Cove Abbey's Healing Circle
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The Healing Centre provides
support resources for your
healing journey: articles, essays
and other informative materials
to help you find the answers
you are looking for.
Topics include:
  • Stress Management
  • Depression
  • Fear issues
  • Trust issues
  • and much more

Along with these, there are
workshops, seminars and
retreats available (
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From the eBook: "One! The Journey hOMe", by Klaas Tuinman  © 2007-2017
Topics and Support Articles are listed farther below
Depression:                >

Depression: Causes       >
and Treatment

(Specific Phobias  >
Generalized Anxiety Disorder(s)
Panic Attacks/Disorder
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Agoraphobia, Social Phobia
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Communication:              >
The intricacy and many variables
involved in Communication:
it's not just words.

Communication:               >
Using Dialogue - the basics

Communication:             >
The power of Words to
Heal or Hurt

Communication:            >
Dialogue; Talking Things Out

Native American Code Of      >
(awesome rules to live by)

Peak Experiences - Hierarchy
of YOUR Human Needs       

Your Human Potential           >

Trust Issues in                   >

Trust Building
(the              >
relationship killer)

TRUST starts with You      >

Jealousy                             >

Dissociation: Zoning Out.      >
Meditation or Disconnection?

Stinkin' Thinkin'                  >
The negative, self-defeating
thought patterns of dysfunction

When Life Hurts              >
The many shades of being and behaviour human beings come in, is at times totally baffling,
sometimes frustrating or bewildering, and sometimes annoying or hurtful. And at other times people
seem to rise above themselves and are caring, joyful and considerate.

  • There are those who seem blithely or blissfully unaware of the effects their behaviour, words
    and actions have on others; or are aware but don't understand the fuss; and there are those who
    are totally aware, but couldn't care less.

  • On the opposite side of that, are those who are on the receiving end of the above, desperately
    wondering how anyone could be so unaware, or hurtfully to know that the other is aware but
    appears to have actually chosen to be (or stay) that way. And want to understand it, or discover
    what they can do about it, or not.

Untangling it is not easy: there are "Issues", "Challenges", "Syndromes", "Disorders" and all sorts of
other names and labels attempting to make some sort of order into that seeming chaos.

I do not have "
THE" answer(s) for you, but I can help YOU find the answer(s) you need.
(The answer(s) are
already inside you - you'll rediscover them on your healing journey, here and

My intention, purpose, and hope is to be helpfully informative. And also hopefully,  thought
provoking, but never persuasive or judgemental.  I have nothing to sell: I simply provide "Roadside
Assistance", so to speak, for Healing and Recovery in a
Fear-based Shaming-Blaming culture that is
often very much
Fear-Based: a Culture of Dysfunction - but not as widespread as it may seem, or feel.
But you'll find many encouraging examples of many, many exceptions to it, here.

There are two important truths you'll rediscover as you browse the site:
1 - YOU are not your
"Label", your "Disorder", or your "Disease", and,
2 - OTHERS are not their
"Label", their "Disorder", or their "Disease".

The Help and Information here are not "Psychological", "Philosophical", nor "Theological": rather it is
based on the wisdom garnered by humans overt the ages - and added-to by former clients, students -
and through observing people in many places and situations during a long time-frame. They are
based on Life in all its glory.

LIFE is meant to be Lived!

Life is NOT: your job, career, "role" or profession; those are only the means of income that        
allows you to live Life!

Life is NOT: your household and property chores, tasks and maintenance; these are simply the   
things that enhance and maintain the quality and atmosphere of the place where you do much of  
your "living".

Life IS:
  • your personal state of being in all your wholeness.
  • being at peace in harmony with yourself and with your loved ones.
  • the actualizing and development of your full spiritual and emotional potential: who you were
    meant to be - in all your fullness.
  • a celebration of your relationship with yourself - and with others; for it is the foundation and
    basis from which the inner strength comes to handle and cope all the things life brings you.

"Everything in your life is there as a vehicle for your transformation.
   Use it!"
           "We're all walking each other home".
                   ~Ram Dass

Every Journey begins with a single step.
Yours too; your
First step . . .
No one can walk with you till you take that first step, beautiful person.
Stress - MAIN            >

Stress Management

GRIEF-Grieving (new) >

Insecure Personality    >

Dependent Personality >

All About Love           >

FEAR                         >

Guilt Intro to what it is & isn't
and how to deal with it    

ANGER & its                >
Management (revised)

The "Inner Critic"       >
(that voice inside)

Take the
Stress Test    >

Trust Issues                   >
in relationships

Inner Child -                >
the Child Within

/Self    >
Defeating Behaviours

Multiple Personality        >
Dissociative Identity

Emotion <-> Logic           >
An introduction on this subject

Self Esteem - Self WORTH  >

Assertiveness -Balanced Self >
Determined Behaviour

Forgiveness                       >