Generalized Anxiety Disorder: disorder is defined by a protracted (6 months or
so, duration) period of anxiety and worry, accompanied by multiple associated
symptoms. These symptoms include muscle tension, easy fatiguability, poor
concentration, insomnia, and irritability. In youth, the condition is known as
overanxious disorder of childhood.
An essential feature of generalized anxiety disorder is that the anxiety and worry
can’t be connected to the more focal distress of panic disorder, social phobia,
obsessive-compulsive disorder, or other conditions. Instead,the excessive worries
often pertain to many areas, including work, relationships, finances, the well-
being of one’s family, potential misfortunes, and impending deadlines. Somatic
anxiety symptoms are common, as are sporadic panic attacks.
Generalized anxiety disorder occurs more often in women, with a sex ratio of
about 2 women to 1 man.
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Generalized Anxiety
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