When Life Hurts
    When the hurts received from others react to them, an amazingly curious thing
    happens:  they reveal what/who is most loved, prized or precious to them: it will be
    the thing/person they turn against and take it out on.

    As a child it might manifest as tearing legs, arms and head off most favourite doll, or
    trashing a prize airplane model, or maiming or hurting a beloved pet; in adulthood it
    might be destroying a loved tool or appliance, attack & hurt the loved one, or push
    the loved one away harder  and harder, or run as far away as possible.

    They attack, destroy, damage, maim, hurt or leave exactly those things or people
    most precious & loved to them.

    Only later, when all the demolition and carnage is done, do they take stock and fully
    come to realize, not just what they've done, but what they've lost.

    And this has been known for ages - there's a song about it that people have known
    for years: "You always hurt the one you love".

    And the pain will grow, and the hurt will grow, and the guilt will grow, and the self-
    hatred, self-loathing and self-disgust And the pain will grow, and the hurt will grow.

    And rage will build. This is the point at which healing/recovery can begin - because
    that is when people are ready - or can be.

    Recover-Heal by loving yourself
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