Invite Your Fear In.
I’ve thought about this a lot recently.
How can you invite your fear in as an inspirational to-do?

I’m talking to it.
That might make me crazy, but instead of letting fear eat away
and get out of control unreasonably, I’d rather say,
darkness my old friend…”

Child Approach. . .
A two and a half year old ’s approach is to confront his fear by throwing his hand out in a “stop” signal    
and saying,
“We’re not afraid of you monsters!” (Hey, ya never know…)

Ask Why?
The more you ask the question “why” the further you get to real answers. It’s a fairly simple question, but   
it does force you to be honest with yourself. And honesty can be inspiring, even if you get an answer you
don’t really want.

This won’t work if you’re asking “why things are happening to you.”
It’s not about external forces impacting your life, or why you’ve had a string of bad luck, or anything of    
the sort. It’s about asking yourself
why you’re doing what you’re doing and why you care about what
you care about.

Think Like a Kid.
Do you remember what it was like to be a kid? It’s easier when you have kids cause you get to watch    
them in action.

… an example…
An adult is walking down the street and is faced with a puddle. What does he/she do?
  • He walks around it.
  • Not only that, but he curses at the puddle at the same time, annoyed that the puddle got in his way.

What does a kid do?
He jumps right in it. Not with one foot, but both. And he jumps as high up as he can and lands with as    
big a splash as possible. And the kid laughs and cheers the whole time.

Think like a kid.
More than that; act like one.
It’s not hard if you tap into what makes kids so darned fun and funny.
And contrary to popular opinion (and yours),
you do have enough time in the day to go jump in a puddle. . .
Dawn Cove Abbey
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