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Family is where it begins for most people; and those families come in many varieties and
versions. The ones we are most familiar with are: two-parent families, single parent
families, blended families, adoptive families and foster families, as well as "extended
families". Any of these can be either "healthy" or "dysfunctional": in many cases, any of
them can fluctuate between "healthy" and "dysfunctional".
Stories about Healthy Family Life

Being A Mother

Special Angel

Just A Mom

Special Praise For A Dad

What A Father Means

Girl In The Black Rubber Boots
(about her Grandfather)

Father's Hands

A Dad's Poem


My Daddy Chose Me
(over Alcohol)

Our House

Robby's Recital

Inner Child-Child Within  
More coming regularly
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Healthy Families &

Dysfunctional   >

It ALL Begins In      >

The BLENDED Family >

Growing Old and Suddenly
Senior: Maturing with      
Dignity and Grace

Female/Male Equality >

Fear of Intimacy     >
Relationship Phobia

HEALTHY vs "Unhealthy"

10 Secrets of a    
Fulfilling Relationship

How To Please Your
(an essay) >

Obsession versus Love  >

Conflict Resolution >
Fair Fighting

Givers vs Takers  >
a comparison

Anger       >
& It's Management

Guilt   >

Grief     >

Forgiveness  >
It's healing power

Talking Things Out  >

Relationship Credo    >
Guidelines for Healthy

Risking The Walls Of Love
The importance of engaging
each other - intimacy and the
power of Love

True Love Never Dies    >
A story of love that
transcends time and space
Trust Issues In
Relationships & Friendships     

How To Build TRUST              >

Starts With You           >

Jealousy                                >

Emotion <-> Logic             >
an introduction

My Comfort Zone             >
Everything you want is just outside your
comfort zone

May You Always Feel  Loved -The
beautiful experience of love

My Grandfather       >
A story about deep abiding Love
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