Never let a problem to be solved become more
important than a person to be loved.

     You are you
                     I am

          You have your way.
          I have my way.
     As for the right way,
     the correct way,
and the only way,
it does not exist. 2

                             If I just do my thing
                     and you do yours,
                     we stand in danger
                     of losing each other
             and ourselves.

             I am not in this world
             to live up to your expectations;
             (nor are you here to live up to mine)
     but I am in this world
     to confirm you as
     a unique human being,
and to be confirmed by you.

                         are the termites
                       of relationships.

We are fully ourselves
only in relation to each other;
the I detached from a Thou

                                     Relationship . . .
                                     a particular type of connection
                                     existing between people related to,
                                     or having dealings with, each other.

I must begin with myself, true;
     but I must not end with myself:
     the Truth
                  with two.

You and I
are in a relationship,
which I value and want to keep.

     Yet each of us is a separate person with unique needs
             and the right to meet those needs.

                                                                     Love is not
                                                             two people gazing at each other,
                                                     but two people
                                                     looking in the same direction.

When you are having problems meeting your needs
I will listen with genuine acceptance
     so as to facilitate your finding
     your own solutions
             instead of depending on mine.

I also will respect your right
to choose your own beliefs
and develop your own values,
different though they may be from mine.

     when your behavior interferes
     with what I must do
     to get my own needs met,
     I will tell you openly
     and honestly
             how your behavior affects me,
             trusting that you respect my needs
             and feelings enough
                     to try to change the behavior
                             that is unacceptable to me.

                                                It only takes one smile
                                                to offer welcome . . .
                                                 and blessed be
                                                the person who will share it.

             whenever some behavior of mine
             is unacceptable to you,
     I hope you will tell me openly and honestly
     so that I can change
that part of my unacceptable  behavior.

At those times
when one of us cannot change to meet the other’s needs,
     let us acknowledge that we have a conflict
     and commit ourselves
     to resolve each such conflict
             without either of us resorting to the use of power
                     to win at the expense of the other’s losing.

                                             It only takes one moment
                                             to be helpful . . .
                                             and blessed be
                                             the person who will spare it. 9

                     I respect your needs,
                     but I also must respect my own.

             So let us always strive
     to search for a solution
that will be acceptable to
both of us.

Your needs will be met,
     and so will mine
     neither will lose,
             both will win.

                                                     Don't smother each other.
                                                     No one can grow in the shade.

In this way,
you can continue to develop as a person
through satisfying your needs,
and so can I.

                                                             It only takes one joy
                                                         to lift a spirit . . .
                                                      and blessed be
                                             the person who will give it. 9

ours can be a healthy relationship
in which both of us
can strive to become
what we are capable of being.

     Relationship - a widely misused, misunderstood concept:
     Boss-Employee = a relationship
     Siblings = a relationship
     Cop-Speeder = a relationship
     Store Clerk-Shopper = a relationship
     Parent-Child = a relationship
     Friendship = a relationship
     To relate – is to associate, make a logical or, causal connection.
     The “
Intimate Relationship” is only one form of “relationship”
     (fourth on the list in most dictionaries)

                       And we can continue
                              to relate
                             to each other
                     with mutual respect,
                        and peace.

To know when to go away
and when to come closer
is the key
to any lasting relationship.

     It only takes one life
to make a difference . . .
               and blessed be
the person who will live it. 9
These are the “expectations”: the only expectations . . .
is the “commitment”.
No pre-existing script will work.
When this comes from two hearts in accord,
no other commitment is necessary, or needs
to be verbalized or named.

The script is open-ended: we write it ourselves,
and it will develop and expand, for each of us
will grow and change - one day at a time,
for neither of us knows what tomorrow brings.
With our lives entwined,
each accepting, adapting and adjusting;
we continue life in mutual respect,
love and peace.
When people honour each other,
there is a
trust established
that leads to synergy,
and deep respect.

Both parties make decisions
and choices based on
what is right,
what is best,
what is valued most highly. 11

                Oh, the comfort –
     the inexpressible comfort
     of feeling safe with a person –
having neither to weigh thoughts
nor measure words,
but pouring them all right out,
just as they are,
chaff and grain together;
certain that a faithful hand
will take and sift them,
keep what is worth keeping,
and then with the breath of kindness
blow the rest away.  12

What we have once enjoyed
     we can never lose.
             All that we love deeply
                      becomes a part of us. 13

     is what's left in a relationship
             after all the selfishness
                     has been removed. 14

Lust is easy.
Love is hard.
Like is most important. 15

We adjust, adapt, acknowledge, and accept . . .
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