An’ at our house there’s marks on the walls an’ the stairs,
An’ some terrible scratches on some of the chairs;
An’ ma says that our house is surely a fright,
But pa and I say that our house is all right.

At our house we laugh an’ we sing an’ we shout,
An’ whirl all the chairs and the tables about,
An’ I rassle my pa an’ I get him down too,
An’ he’s all out of breath when the fightin’ is through;
An’ ma says our house is surely a sight,
But pa an’ I say that our house is all right.

I’ve been to houses with pa where I had
To sit in a chair like a good little lad,
An’ there wasn’t a mark on the walls an’ the chairs,
An’ the stuff that we have couldn’t come up to theirs;
An’ pa said to ma that for all of their joy
He wouldn’t change places and give up his boy.

They never have races nor rassles nor fights.
Coz they have no children to play with at nights;
An’ their walls are all clean and their curtains hang straight,
An’ everthing’s shiny an’ right up to date;
But pa says with all of its racket an’ fuss,
He’d rather by far live at our house with us.
~Edgar Guest
Let me know when I make you proud.
And Help me to have pride in my own accomplishments.
Let me earn your trust. Then trust me. I won't let you down.
Let me try my wings. If I fail, let me know it's OK.
And encourage me to try again.
Let me know you love me. With a hug.
Or a pat on the back, or when I need it, with a firm but gentle "no."
Let me be. Let me change Let me grow.
Let me tell you when I'm feeling bad... or angry… Even at you.
And let me know that even on my worst days, you still like me.
Let me dream. Share my joy when my dreams come true.
Share my tears when they don't. Let me feel secure in my home.
Help me realize that love is always there … that I can depend on
you no matter what. Let me run … let me laugh … let me play.
And most of all, let me be a child!
Acknowledge your remarkable goodness:
goodness: there's much to acknowledge.

May it inspire the light of compassion in
others and be returned to you tenfold with
gratitude and blessings.
~Sensei Yoda
Looking at people who belong to us,
we see the past, present and future.
We make discoveries about ourselves.
-Gail Lumet Buckley
“Family life is full of major and minor crises -- the ups and downs of health,
success and failure in career, marriage, and divorce-
and all kinds of characters.
It is tied to places and events and histories.
With all of these felt details,
life etches itself into memory and personality.
It's difficult to imagine anything more nourishing to the soul.
-Thomas Moore
MorningStar Inspirations
From Dawn Cove Abbey
Roadside Assistance For Your Journey Through Life
From the eBook: "One! The Journey hOMe", by Klaas Tuinman M.A, © 2007-2019
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