Self-Esteem and Self Worth – Exploring The Difference

How you feel about yourself is self-esteem.
  • Self-esteem is your perception of how you are doing in the world. It may go up or down
    depending upon what is happening to you: validation by others.
  • Get an "A" on a test, for example, and you feel great, but if you fail you feel terrible.
  • Self-esteem is based on being validated by other people, and other things, not on you.

Self Esteem depends on just a few basic factors (that always involve external things and people).
  • The amount of achievements you have accomplished
  • The weight that you place on those achievements
  • The emotional support that you have around you.

These externally derived factors provide a sense of:
* Belonging     * Uniqueness     * Purpose     * Hope

Self-esteem is changeable – it is always dependent on external factors – and other people:
external validation.
Geoffrey Dahmer and Charlie Manson “felt good” about what they had
done – that’s how they deny the value and worth of their victims.
Self Worth gives you rights as a human being:
  • the right to food and shelter,
  • the right to safety (including freedom from abuse and violence),
  • the right to dignity and respect,
  • the right to have your value and worth recognized and acknowledged,
  • the right to be loved, and to love.
You may have come to not like yourself and believe that you don’t deserve anything good. Self-
esteem suffers while self-worth is forgotten because you rely on what others think of you to maintain
your self-esteem (external validation).

That turns control of you over to others. It gives up ownership of your worth and value, and allows
others to control and manipulate you instead: you will have given away your most precious

You must love and value yourself if you are to love others.
  • You have to respect yourself and acknowledge your own self-worth (do not confuse this with
    conceit or vanity – those are sick inner validations, too).
  • You must take responsibility for your actions and their consequences, and ownership of your
    value and worth.
  • You must take care of yourself - so that you can love and help your “neighbor”.

This does not make you selfish.          It makes you responsible.

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Klaas Tuinman
Dawn Cove Abbey
Self Esteem - Self Worth: the Difference

As one of the creations in the universe you have worth and value:
value and worth that remain yours throughout your life.

They are your most precious belongings and are yours to nourish and protect.
  • You cannot lose your worth, but you can lose sight of it,
  • You cannot give your worth away
  • Your value and worth cannot be taken from you,
  • You can forget your worth and value,
  • Your validation comes from within.
Klaas Tuinman M.A.
Life Self-Empowerment Facilitation
at Dawn Cove Abbey
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