Inner Healing
An Overview and Introduction
And  The "Components" of Healing

Inner Healing is one of the most interesting, yet challenging journeys anyone can ever go on.     
Much  of what you've heard, read, or been taught about Healing and Inner Healing has either       
been incomplete, wrong, or inadequate; the same applies to many of the "remedies", and      
therapies  that flourish: - but seldom address the real causes or issues. That creates confusion      
and impedes proper healing approaches. This site, and my approach attempts to remedy this.

Why we refer to healing as being Holistic.  We are Bio-Electro-Chemical amazing beings: not   
just bio-physical. The brain is not the Mind: it is primarily like the main data processor on your
computer, smartphone and other devices; it is the hardware. The "mind" is the software that the   
brain processes. There is a intricate symbiotic relationship between the chemistry, biology and the
electro-magnetic elements, in a reciprocal way. A change in any one of those will affect all the    
others - hence the need for an holistic approach to wholeness, which is the actual meaning of
Heal/Healing: body - mind - spirit. Our emotions and thoughts trigger biological responses that       
can lead to serious physical illnesses; and physical illnesses affect our emotions and thoughts.       
We need to maintain or create a balance between both the physical and mental/emotional to         
stay healthy, and involve both in healing.

One immediate change is to understand that people are NOT their "disorder" or "challenge"     
etc. There is a vast difference between
BE-ing and HAVE-ing; as in they (you) HAVE a "challenge"  
or "disorder" - but they/you are
NOT that label: the label is not a definition of them/You - it is simply    
descriptor of what you/they Have; this is huge.

Healing can be, and often is, an arduous journey; but there's nothing that says it has to be rushed,  
or done in a day, or some other pre-ordained or specified time. We all have our own speed, and
ways, on walking journeys.  For more on this, see the introduction on the
Alcoholism main page.

This discussion, and the site's information is intended to reduce your sense of intimidation and
uncertainty about healing scenarios in life. Knowing the nature of what we're faced with, kind of
"whittles it down to size", and makes the process appear much less intimidating and threatening:    
and therefore the steps, whatever they may be are both do-able and manageable.

Important aspects (ingredients) in Healing: Set and Setting
Positive inner healing journeys require two very crucial things: "Set" and "Setting": they both play       
a vital role in the process. These two are critical components in a number of situations where  
intense  experiences may occur, or which are hoped for. That includes "
Peak Experiences".

"Set" is our mindset (anticipation, anxiety, excitement etc) as we approach, and go into, the
experience. It is the most important element. For in our mindset we bring all our attitudes,       
habitual thoughts, feelings,
culture, childhood formation, beliefs, and quite frequently fear,
among others. Our mindset is what creates our anticipation (and/or trepidation) of what we
are about to experience.

"Setting" is where the experience is going to take place; our social environment and
surroundings: the people we surround ourselves with, and the actual physical place.
is also the environment/circumstances we live in that contribute, and have contributed, to
creating the necessity for healing. It is also where we return to after healing consultations; not
all setting are conducive to the healing. Often   it requires being a
family affair.

Understanding the two major modes of behaviour:
Intentional: it is intentional because we always have a choice; that however, is true only where
we are in full balanced control, inner harmony of all the dimensions that make us who we are:
physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This is the mode most of us would like to think we're
in most of the  time, but frequently, we are not.

Reactionary: much of our behaviour is a reaction to something; whether to events, or people,
or what people did to us, or incidents etc, or a combination of all of these. This usually is anything
but harmonious  and balanced; and almost always does not address  the causes (events, things,
persons,   circumstances, etc) - hence, this is also what produces  most of human  anti-social
and/or dysfunctional   behaviour.

And what we come up with in our reaction to survive are coping strategies:
alcoholism is one
such strategy, as   are the methods used by
children of alcoholic/ dysfunctional families. The
"problem" with these is, that almost  none of them work: at best they do so very briefly, before they
in turn become new problems for them to deal with.

NOTE: connected to these, is this reality: that our thoughts, feelings, emotions etc, are the food
we feed our mind, spirit and body with;  -any healing journey requires absorbing that truth- and
examining what it   is we feed ourselves with, so to speak. And it is definitely related to who we
"hang out with" (setting).

Protecting oneself is both understandable, wise, and important. However, it can be like people
trapped within castle walls; the outsiders can't get in to hurt them, but they can't get out to do
whatever it is they want, or need    to do. So the healing journey is largely about "getting out" in a
safe way, while still protecting oneself.

Sometimes, often when we least expect it, we get one of those "Ah-ha" moments, when we
see/get what our next step should/will be: and sometimes we get those as we hear or read
someone  else's story; where the light goes on because we have that realization of,
"Hey, that's
me to a Tee"
. . .  and sometimes those are huge moments where we can make a big step
forward: seldom the whole solution, yet a big step.
Knowledge, after all, comes in degrees;
bit by bit.
The many shades of being and behaviour human beings come in, is at times totally baffling,
sometimes frustrating or bewildering, and sometimes annoying or hurtful. And at other times
people seem to rise above themselves and are caring, joyful and considerate. And healing is a
total process, involving all aspects of our being. There is no quick, easy "fix". Untangling it all is
not easy: there are
"Issues", "Challenges", "Syndromes", "Disorders", Spectrums, and all sorts
of other names and labels to deal with when attempting to make some sort of order into that
seeming chaos - that leave us more puzzled and confused than we already were.

I do not have "THE" answer(s) for you, but I can help YOU find the answer(s) you need. (The
answer(s) are
already inside you - you'll rediscover them on your healing journey, here and
elsewhere). My role is simply  to provide "Roadside  Assistance", so to speak.

The Help and Information here are not
"Psychological", "Philosophical", nor "Theological"
rather   it is acquired from the wisdom garnered by humans over the ages - and
added-to by former clients, students - and through observing people in many places and
situations during a long time-frame, as well as through "formal" and post-graduate study. They
are based on Life in all its wondrous vastness, intricacies and "mysteries".

"Everything in your life is there as a vehicle for your transformation. Use it!" "We're all walking each
other home".
~Ram Dass

Every Journey begins with a single step. Yours too; your First step . . .        No one can walk with you
till you take that first step, beautiful person.

"Recovery" and healing is a process: one that requires your active participation: you need to be
engaged in it - or   it simply will not have the outcomes you desire. To truly heal (it means to
"become whole"), it is necessary to get   to the root of whatever is involved and deal with that.
And it takes "Time":
knowledge does come in degrees.

Because of the intricate, complex interplay between Body-Mind-Spirit, it is not always clear
whether certain challenges, issues, (disorders) are "causes", or consequences. Which is why
regaining balance, harmony, health and serenity within ourselves is a challenging, and often
frustrating journey, or process. As Chief Seattle purportedly called it: the web of life. And he
rightly said that,
"whatever happens  on the web, anywhere; happens to everything else on
it; everywhere, always".
    Hello, I'm Klaas, also known as Opa.
    How may I be of service to you?

    Where do I come in, on your journey? Simply
    put, mine is a more minor role, compared to
    yours. I provide the "space" -a safe,
    comfortable place- for you to engage in, in
    creating your own healing "space" - this is a
    rest stop along the way; and there are also
    resources and support of many kinds for
    you to draw upon.

    And I'm here, as a fellow traveller, one who
    has walked  many trails. I am not a
    "counsellor" in the common usage of that
    word - I am a guide or facilitator. I am not
    you - I do not know the answer to what you
    need. But perhaps I maybe able help you
    find it.

    My role is to provide with new tools (the
    information and support items on this site),
    and to listen, and perhaps suggest some
    things for you consider; perhaps ask that if
    what you've been doing isn't working for
    you, to try something else; something
    "new" (anything).

    I cannot, and will not, TELL you what
    to do - I am not you, but . . . I'm here to help
Klaas Tuinman M.A.
Life Self-Empowerment Facilitation
at Dawn Cove Abbey
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