Walk with Me
Through darkened rooms we'll climb
Past covered dust-filled sculptures in the
With hand in Mine we'll fight the shadows left
Till all that's hid within is brought to light
Fear not that which is lurking in the dark
Nor tremble at the sights which you have
For if in Me you trust with all your heart
Then all the times of sorrow I'll redeem
Invisible Violence
There is a big misconception about violence.
A lot of people believe violence must be physical,
that there must be bruises,
or worse
for it to be violence.

But there is a type of violence that is not physical,
-it’s invisible,
and so subtle the victim doesn’t even notice,
and ends up losing all her willpower.
But she doesn’t lose only her willpower.
She loses her voice,
her dreams,
her identity.

She loses all her willpower
because without noticing
she no longer makes any decisions by herself.

He decides everything,
from what to buy at the grocery store
to when to go,
or not go,
to the doctor.
She loses her voice because every time she tried to talk,
to express herself,
to say how she felt,
her words were thrown back in her face,
twisted and used against her,
or ignored.

She ends up withdrawing into herself
for fear of being yelled at again,
her words twisted again.
She withdraws into herself until she hardly speaks,
thus losing her voice.

She loses her dreams because she can’t realize them,
and she loses her identity
because she ends up hardly leaving the house,
without friends,
she ends up not doing what she likes to do,
not doing anything for herself and by herself,

The victim ends up isolated,
without willpower,
without dreams,
and voiceless.

Anxiety becomes severe
and begins to consume her.

Many people can never escape this type of violence.
But sometimes the victim manages to open her eyes,
notice what and how she has been living,
and gathers the strength necessary to escape.
The clearer you can see yourself the easier it becomes to find more
balance in your life - to find more happiness,
Klaas Tuinman
Dawn Cove Abbey
You are a child of the universe, and you have a right to be here: Victims No More
People who really want to heal, will find a way;
those who aren't ready yet will find an
An all-too-familiar story that is repeated over and over again, in many places.
Not everyone finds the strength to take that large step, or not initially, perhaps.

Children - unfortunately – are not able to make such choices, although some,
when they reach their teen, or pre-teen years run away (often to a life that isn’t
much better)

They all need your prayers – and your support.
Thank you

Klaas Tuinman+
Dawn Cove Abbey
Roadside assistance For Your Journey Through Life
From the eBook: "One! The Journey hOMe", by Klaas Tuinman M.A  © 2007-2020
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Such strength can come when she least expects it,
and from whom she least expects,

For one victim,
it probably was the death of a family member
and how she was treated by him
and his family afterwards
that gave her the strength to leave.

With great effort she begins to talk about her feelings,
and that’s when she starts to open her eyes,
and notice how she’s treated.

As she continues to talk about her feelings,
about what’s going on,
first with friends and then with family,
she begins to recover her voice,
she builds up strength
even though at first
she resists the very notion of leaving.

Little by little she talks more,
gathers more strength
and her resistance to leave decreases
until it disappears completely.

And one day something happens,
which by itself it’s not that important,
but contains something
which for her is the last straw,
and gives her the push she needed
to make the decision to leave.

But because she had lost all her willpower
she can’t do it alone,
and though she can’t ask for it directly,
she needs help to leave.

When she manages to leave,
she’s no longer a victim,
she’s a survivor,
and with time,
and baby steps,
she is beginning to recover
her willpower,
her dreams,
and her identity.

Written and Contributed by Claudia Weinstein (August ’09)