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Dysfunction and Dysfunctional mean: does not work - not as in not
always getting what you want, your way, always.
 Rather, it means a
lifestyle that doesn't work well -totally- for you, and all others in
your environment.

It is not a "label" applied by others (outsiders). It is a self-reported
description/assessment by members of families that
"don't work" as
families. It's either not working for a specific member, or for some of
them - or in most cases, ntr for any of them.

These parental actions and behaviours are not unusual in Dysfunctional
Families - they are quite common: rather than changing/healing their own
self-perceived short-comings, they "punish" the child/children instead
- with put-downs, as well as abuse and violence, etc.
The causes for this can be due to Alcoholism or
other addictions, or be a generational perpetuation
of "learned family behaviour". More on this to come.
Regardless the cause: t
hese families are "toxic".

In many situations families often put us in the
difficult position of choosing between family
loyalty and maintaining our own
healthy boundaries.

Family dynamics are heavily influenced by
cultural values; and some cultures put a very
high value on the closeness of family, as well as
being loyalty to family. Other cultures do not.

If you come from a culture which places a high
value on familial loyalty and your family is fairly
toxic, you can be in trouble. It can create a real
challenge to your own mental health.  

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