"Roadside Assistance" On Your Journey Through Life

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at Dawn Cove Abbey

Adaptive to Client needs and Circumstances
Klaas Tuinman M.A.
Deerfield, NS.  2010; Ontario 2017; Oak Flats, ON  2018

In-Person, or (Online Distance/Tele-Counseling 24/7)

Dawn Cove Abbey
- Dedicated to helping people return (and maintain) sanity and decency to life -
Specializing in helping Adult Children of Alcoholic/Dysfunctional Families
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We all lead busy lives, me included: since I also do chaplaincy work, I am regularly on the road. As well, as an
itinerant associate staff member of
M.E.N.D, with office hours on alternate Wednesdays, the adaptive
modalities work very well - not as substitutes for in-person contact, although since 2008, my international
clientele  is growing constantly, utilizing Skype/Facetime, WhatsApp and Email almost exclusively.

The Dawn Cove Abbey conjunctive adaptation provides an option that brings assistance to you as close as   
your phone, or computer, tablet or laptop: "distance and time differences" no longer matter for they are

electronically eliminated.

Distance Counseling/Assistance Benefits
  • Availability is almost instant: available virtually 24/7
  • Efficient
  • Prompt
  • Convenient
  • Flexible (it works around your schedule)
  • Maintains privacy/anonymity where desired
  • Efficiency (email is the most efficient)
  • Reduces expense (no travelling - no sitters, etc). You don't have to leave home (this is especially  
    beneficial if you are a "shut-in", for example - or have disabilities that make travelling/transportation
  • You maintain your own flexibility: there is no "set program" or contract to commit to, if that is your  

Note: Email (used in conjunction with the other modalities) has this benefit:
  • when writing or using e-mail, there is less emotional distraction, there is more time to gather thoughts
    and compose a more coherent response,  or prepare a more comprehensive picture of the issue or
    problem of concern.

                 All of the above contribute to expediting your journey to Recovery and Healing
Recovery, Overcoming, Healing and Bringing Closure are possible at any time.
However, in most cases there are not always easy, simple solutions or 'quick-fixes';
- the journey will often be a difficult challenge with much inner work and time required.

But if you are ready to make the change / transition
to begin your healing journey; help is available

In addition to this page, this comprehensive website has
Support, Informational, and Motivational sections (constantly expanding)  
In-Person and Online and Services and Information for Personal Growth, Healing, Recovery and Empowerment
Helping people create and sustain their healing space
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Thinking outside The Box
Distance Assistance is a Convenient, Instant and Flexible
modality for unexpected crises, and other circumstances,      
In-Person: Office, or in your Home (for       
shut-ins, etc)
, plus other, adaptive modalities;
                      read on.

In 2008 Dawn Cove Abbey parted with convention:
for a client said,
"sometimes I only have a single
and another said, "sometimes I get  an  
insight or question in the night, or while  at work".
And yet another said, "Crises and other   
unexpected circumstances don't  always
conveniently happen 9-5 on weekdays".

All said, "often they could be addressed in a few
minutes - or in another way - hardly necessary for  
a full in-person appointment - or for a regular  
hours one".

The Solution? (Arrived at consensually)

Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp, and Email
in conjunction with In-Person appointments.

              Distance Assistance!
While In-person is customarily the preferred way, face-to-face, for many reasons it is not always
possible, convenient, comfortable, or expedient - hence the need for adaptation.

Gender issues/sensitivity is an important consideration: for example, clients who have suffered abuse
and/or violence may be uncomfortable  with a guide/cousellor who is the same gender as the abuser/perpetrator.
In this case,
WhatsApp, or Skype/Facetime (with or without video), or Email may be (are) viable options.