When it hurts to look back,
and you're scared to look ahead,
you can look beside you
and your best friend
will be there.
True friendship isn't seen with the eyes,
it is felt with the heart.

When there is trust,
and sharing.

True friendship is a rare feeling,
but when it is found

It has profound impact on our well-being,
and character.

True friendship does not need
elaborate gifts
Or spectacular events
in order to be valuable
or valued.
To ensure long-lasting quality
and satisfaction,

True friendship only needs
a few key ingredients:
Undying loyalty,
unmatched understanding,
unsurpassed trust,

Deep and soulful secrets,
and endless sharing.

These ingredients,
mixed with personality
and a sense of humour,
can make a friendship last a lifetime!
Everyone hears what you say.

Friends listen to what you say.

Best friends listen
to what you don't say
Dawn Cove Abbey
"Roadside Assistance" For Your Journey Through Life
- Dedicated to helping people return (and maintain) sanity and decency to life -
From the eBook: "One! The Journey hOMe", by Klaas Tuinman M.A  © 2007-2020

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we don't realize
we don't realize
What we have until it is gone

Too often
we wait too late to say
"I'm sorry - I was wrong."

it seems we hurt the ones
We hold dearest to our hearts
And we allow foolish things
To tear our lives apart.

Far too many times we let
Unimportant things into our minds
And then it's usually too late
To see what made us blind.

So be sure that you let people know
How much they mean to you

Take that time to say the words
Before your time is through.

Be sure that you appreciate
Everything you've got
And be thankful for the little things
in life that mean a lot. [2]
This is just a thank you,
my friend,
for all the wonderful
and colourful
Special ingredients
You've brought to my life.
True Friendship
[1] -True Friendship
[2] -Too True, Too Often
~ Authors Unknown