Did anyone ever tell you . . .

That life’s difficulties, the hard times,
to find the will within to turn it all around,
why those experiences are in your life?

Did anyone ever tell you . . .
That character, compassion
and deep reverence for humanity,
are often the result
of making it through the rough times?

Did anyone ever tell you . . .
the cornerstone of achievement
is pure determination and passion combined?

Did anyone ever tell you . . .
that all you need to deal with
is this current now moment?

And, if for some reason
You are able to live more than one moment at a time,
really want to meet you!

Move forward steadily now – the past is
behind you! 2
No matter how much or how little you have,
Whether you are popular or alone,

No matter what you look like,
Or how much you weigh.

If you have a home or temporarily do not,
Whether or not you have a partner,
YOU are here for a very special reason.

ANYONE ever tell you . . .

To simply look at the goodness in your heart,

Bring it out,
Reach out, and when you do,

You will make a difference for someone else.

Did anyone ever tell you that's what matters most?

And no one can do that for you but you.
Remember That! 1
We often hurt those closest to us.
  Many times it is only
because we are angry at ourselves,
and we scream in furor
at someone who understands.
"I'm sorry  . . .. I didn't mean to hurt you."  3

Did anyone ever tell you,
just how special you are?
The light that you emit
might even light a star.

Did anyone ever tell you
how important you make others feel?
Somebody out there is smiling
about love that is so real.

Did anyone ever tell you
many times, when they were sad?
Your e-mail made them smile a bit
In fact it made them glad.

For the time you spend sending things
and sharing whatever you find
there are no words to thank you
but somebody, thinks you're fine.

Did anyone ever tell you
just how much they love you?
Well, my dearest "Online" friend
Today I am telling you now!
You are truly special to me.
I believe that without a
friend you are missing out on a lot!
Don't be confused by friends and
acquaintances, there is a difference!

The best rose bush
Is not that which has
The fewest thorns
But that which bears
The finest roses . . .

Have a nice day, and I'm glad we are friends.
A MorningStar Inspiration
Dawn Cove Abbey
Roadside assistance for your Journey through Life
From the eBook: "One! The Journey hOMe", by Klaas Tuinman M.A, © 2007-2020
Did Anyone Ever Tell You
How Special You Are?   2
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2] Did Anyone Ever Tell You  ~Barbara Rose
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