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                                             About Cognitive Shifts, or Shifting

To "Educate" means to "lead out", as in helping lead someone out of the "darkness" into the "light".   
Education results in constant cognitive shifts (also read

Much of what we have been taught about Life, Health, Illness, "Ailments" and especially "Disorders" and
Healing, etc, has been wrong (insufficient). The names and classification we've been "taught", don't really
exist - they are simply
Classifications that the mental health profession uses between themselves as a     
kind of "insider road-map": unfortunately, for the rest of us they have been turned into "Labels"that in turn  
have resulted in stigmatization, and a lot of misunderstanding.

My goal is to demystify this through education: you will experience many
cognitive shifts here.

Cognitive Shift One
The brain and the mind are not synonyms: the brain is the hard-wired biological central processor. The     
mind is a different entity - it does our thinking and learning - and it continually has to counter (or adapt/   
modify the brain's input/output. Think of the brain being the "hardware", and the mind being the
"software" of our being - they constantly interact.

Cognitive Shift Two
The human experience, and behaviour is a vast continuum: a single "spectrum" that describes the entire
vast range of the great vast continuum of the diverse range of human behaviour, like the colour (or sound)
spectrum. Both are continuous wholes, having tremendous variations within each. Behaviour can only be
understood that way. There are no "sub-spectrums": all variations are complementary to the whole: whether
sound or colour;  and so it is with the range of human behaviour diversity; and complexity.
Hence, there is NO "

Life is a continuous, dynamic flow of transition -constantly changing. Information and knowledge quickly  
become dated, recognized as erroneous, and/or inadequate to the need.  New concepts, discoveries and
insights occur: including the field of mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Those are followed by revisions   
in "categories and definitions" regarding behaviours, illnesses, "disorders", traits, syndromes, (all with   
"labels", etc - as well as approaches to dealing and coping with them (and/or healing from them). But they
remain to be just that labels and "classifications": in the broadest sense - they are not "real": but,     
importantly, the things they refer to
are very real for people.

Learning is a continual process of unlearning, learning, and re-learning (cognitive shifting): the site's purpose
is to help you in that process. It aims to assist people in their healing information and to assist them in their
healing journeys, and in updating their life-skills due to improved information. In essence, among other things,
it is an excursion in detoxifying, and demystifying the alienated conditioned mind: the process of letting go of
all the erroneous beliefs, "knowledge", etc, that we all grew up with, and replacing it with new information, and
thus, Hope.