Special Praise For A
Dear Dad
(Father's Day)

Special Angel
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A "Father" Means . . .
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Christmas 1881
The True Spirit
of Christmas

Other events and memories
Children Learn
What They Live

Somebody is Thankful       > >
(letting you know how special
you are: also for
Thanksgiving Day

My Grandfather                   >
A story of deep abiding love
and keeping the spirit of
Christmas year-around.

Valentine's Day
For a Special
Lady (a very special Love Story)
Celebrations, feasts, traditions and customs are evolutionary in nature: they begin
for specific reasons; human ones. Humankind has held ceremonies, feasts and
celebration from the earliest tribal (communal times) times. Such events kept the
tribal communal spirit alive and well.

These events were held for special occasions of all kinds: to acknowledge
the change of seasons; to honour and remember those who had passed through
the veil; to hour the various
life transition moments for the tribe (community's)
members (called "rites of passage"), and many other occasions.

Not only did these events bring the community together, they also helped the
continuity of past and present so that everyone knew who they were -their roots-
their changes and growth and  the connection with those no longer physically
present; and many others.

We too, have feasts and celebrations to do these things.

A celebration is a moment or an occasion to honour or commemorate something,
or event, or a person, or as a memorial to things and people of our past.

It can be done alone, but most generally among humans in most cultures, a
celebration is a communal (social) event.

Celebrations can, and do range, from joyous to moments of sadness - yet it is a
healing form of dealing with emotions, feelings etc, in a healthy way.

We too, have feasts and celebrations to do these things, that were handed down
to us from the past. We've adapted and modified some, continue the passed-down
format on some, and have created new one to suit our time and needs.

This page presents a growing collection about our celebrations.
Klaas Tuinman M.A.
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