Notes and Commentary:
    Culture is elusive to describe because it is time, space and situation specific; yet
    So, you can see that culture is "the" major influence on human life. And that the are many
    "cultures", and even more mini ones within those (called "sub-cultures". It results in great
    Cultural Diversity. And it is because of that rich and wide diversity, that the word "normal"
    is virtually impossible to define. We are born into it, learn it (a process called enculturation
    (or socialization) - and then pass it on to the next generation.

    Our minds are like filters - really "magical" filters: everything we learn, hear, see, feel,
    experience,  etc, is "filtered" through our intellect & emotions - which were  shaped  by
    culture. But the mind- filter  adds new information in, so it changes the memory  banks
    - the memory banks are growing continually. This is basically what the branch of
    psychology called "Neuro-Linquistics" tries to address.  (see the illustrations below).

                   Please don't use the words "mind" and "brain" interchangeably as synonyms:
                                           they are distinctly different from each other.
Culture is
the unwritten "Code or Rule Book" for a specific Human Group or Society's
Behaviour, in the context of an almost boundless spectrum of
immense diversely variant human behaviour: an Introduction to
the Social Structure of our "reality".
How is one to live a moral and compassionate existence when one finds
darkness not only in one's culture but within oneself?  There are simply
no answers to some of the great pressing questions.  You continue to
live them out, making your life a worthy expression  of leaning into the light.
~Barry Lopez