Children Learn
What They Live

Information Please

Child's Point Of View 1
children's view of the world

The Sandpiper

Prayer For The Children

Daddy Chose Me

The Meanest Mother
tongue-in-cheek story

Things My Mother Taught

A Child's Point Of View 2

A Child's Point Of View 3
When You Thought I
Wasn't Looking

A Child Loaned (Boychild)

A Child Loaned (Girlchild)

Your Children Are
Not Your Children . . .

A Dad's Poem
A little girl's tribute to her dad

The Price Of A Child

My Father's Hands  >
Lovely memory of a dad

A Young Person's
Bill of Rights

The Bracelet
a charming story  
of the love children show

Twinkies and Root Beer a  
story of the little boy who talked
with God

The Whisper Test - a defining
moment provided by a caring

Why Parents Go Grey - a
humourous look at how children
baffle their parents at times

Before I Had Children . . . >

Children Learn What         >
They Live
(the power of "example"

The Price Of Children   >

Information Please >
A boy's story about the influence
of a stranger

A Dog's Purpose  >
A boy's wisdom about his dog

About The Abbey > > >
Poems, Stories, etc,
There is something heart-warming about children:
their unique and refreshing way to look at life,
their constant curiosity, and willingness to entertain all kinds    
of ideas.

Here is a collection of stories and poems, about children, from
the children who are now adults with fond, and sometimes
profound, remembrances.

May they trigger forgotten pleasant reminiscences for you.

New additions appear regularly,
please visit often
This Portion Of The Library has many
Stories: others will be released and
posted after they have been revised
and optimized for smartphones
To read the stories, Click/Tap
on the icon beside them that
looks like this one.
Grandpa: Perspective
a boy's relationship with
his grandfather

Mud Puddles and
A lovely tribute to
children's perspective   
on life
My Daddy Chose Me
(Over Alcohol)

Grandpa and the
Girl In The Boots

Barefoot Angel   >
Throughout life, we
meet angels where
(and how) we least
expect them
From "One!The Journey hOMe" the eBook  by Klaas Tuinman ©2007-17

Dawn Cove Abbey's
MorningStar Inspirations
Roadside Assistance for your Journey through Life
- Dedicated to helping people return (and maintain) sanity and decency to life -
Questions and comments welcomed.
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More are being linked-in gradually, including
the following. Check in regularly, please
It All Begins In Childhood   >
All about our formative years

Wet Pants beautiful story of

Sing Micheal Sing story about a
little boy's love for his unborn
sister saving her life    >

Puppies For Sale         >
A boy and a puppy

Reflections Of A Mother >

Robbie's Recital    >
A boy finally plays piano for his

My Brother Kevin (God   >
under the bed)