Children Learn
What They Live

Information Please

Child Speak 1
children's view of the world

The Sandpiper

Prayer For The Children

Daddy Chose Me

The Meanest Mother
tongue-in-cheek story

Things My Mother Taught

When You Thought I
Wasn't Looking

A Child Loaned (Boychild)

A Child Loaned (Girlchild)

Your Children Are
Not Your Children . . .

A Dad's Poem

The Price Of A Child

Twinkies And Root Beer

A Young Person's
Bill of Rights

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Children: stories by adult children -
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Grandpa: Perspective
a boy's relationship with
his grandfather

Mud Puddles and
My Daddy Chose Me
(Over Alcohol)

Grandpa and the
Girl In The Boots
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It All Begins In Childhood   >
All about our formative years