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Special Praise For A Dear Dad
(Father's Day)

Special Angel (Mother's Day)

A "Father" Means
(Father's Day '10)

Remembrance/Veterans Day

New Year's (2011)



AND many more under way
Holidays - Celebrations - Feasts
Humankind has held ceremonies, feasts and celebration from the earliest  
tribal times. Such events kept the tribal communal spirit alive and well.   
These events were held for special occasions of all kinds: to acknowledge   
the change of seasons; to honour and remember those who had passed
through the veil; to hour the various life transition moments for the tribe
(community's) members, and many other occasions.

Not only did these events bring the community together, they also helped  
the continuity of past and present so that everyone knew who they were
-their roots- their changes and growth and  the connection with those no
longer physically present; and many others.

We too, have feasts and celebrations to do these things. This page presents
endearing stories of some of them (and the collection is growing).