GRIEF and Bereavement
Rites of Passage and Life Transitions:
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A Child Loaned
(death of a child)

I Am Not There
One man's auto-eulogy

A Dog's Purpose
A young boy's wisdom
about death

Miss Me,
But Let Me Go
A last request

Before I Go
another last request

Robby's Recital
to honour his deaf
mom who had just

The Dash
(the time between birth
and death)

True Love
Never Dies

What Will

Wish You Enough
Klaas Tuinman MA
at the virtual Dawn Cove Abbey online

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    Life Transitions are those special moments that mark the progress of our life's journey:
    these include, birth, marriage, becoming a parent, starting school, getting that first job,
    making a difficult achievement, and also death. These are events which our communities
    celebrate and share  in the  joy or sadness with. We do not live alone.

    Life’s Transitions
    "We live by a pure flame within us.  That flame is love.  It is the source from which we draw
    and convey our warmth to others.  It is the light which guides us in relation to others.  It is
    the flame before which we warm the hands of life, and without which we remain cold all
    our lives.  It is the light of the world.  The light it casts enables us clearly to perceive our
    relation to others.  It is for us to keep that flame burning, for if we fail to do that, there is a
    real danger that the light will go out of the world."
    ~From On Being Human, by Ashley Montegu
The Balance
Sheet Of Life

The Sandpiper
Beautiful story of little
girl's lesson of life
to a man.

Grief - Bereavement
the journey to closure

Death Of A Child

Red Roses For
A Special Lady
(a story of love that
reached  from
beyond the grave)

Living In The Dash
Reflection on life being
lived between the dates
of our birth and death.

The Final Inspection
(A Soldier's Death)

If Tomorrow
Never Comes

(parting words)

Of Roses and Thorns
Stories: more to come. Click/Tap on icon to read