I am asked to forgive them – that this is good for me. It’s true: forgiveness is more         
for the person offering it, then to the person receiving it. It removes negative feelings
from our daily thought, opens our minds and clears our heart. All of this is not only
good for the soul, it’s healthy for the body. Negative feeling, resentment and such all
weigh down on us. . .

it’s a heavy burden to carry. Forgiveness is a blessing to the forgiver, its a gift of love
to self, along with a gift of love to the person you are forgiving; - forgive those who did
you wrong.
S/he who is devoid of the power to forgive
is devoid of the power to love.
~Martin Luther King, Jr.

. . . BE . . .

Forgiveness is a state of mindfulness;
one filled with peace,
love and harmony.

Be grateful for the present,
be optimistic about the future,
and be forgiving of the past.

In two little words


for it’s in the moment,
here and now,
that life happens.

It’s all in the power of your attitude.
The Power Of Attitude . . .
                     and Forgiveness: emotional baggage

Our emotions are powerful motivators, and more than almost anything else
in our lives they will drive our behaviour. Sometimes our greatest challenge
is to get inside our own heads to understand what makes us tick. Why do we
feel and behave the way we do?

Highly motivated, positive people are focused. The mind is clear, and energy
levels are high. Also, many things can hold you back and prevent you from
becoming all you can be. One of those things is . . .
Emotional Baggage.

I know two family members who were best friends, but several years ago,
one reminded the other of something that had happened thirty years earlier.
One thing led to another and, you know what, they haven't spoken since.

Anger or resentment is like a cancer, and when you let it go untreated,
it will put an invisible ceiling on your future.

You don't know it . . . but it does.

William Ward identified the cure when he said,
"Forgiveness is the key that unlocks the handcuffs of hate.”

Those are powerful words, and I know from personal experience . . .
forgiveness works. A few times in my life I've been greatly wronged and
taken advantage of. My first reaction, of course, was anger and resentment.

I held it for awhile and felt my stomach tie up in knots, my appetite wane,
and the joy slip out of my life. The quote from Ward provided the wake-up
call I needed to forgive the person who had wronged me.

It was like I had been playing the first half of a basketball game with three-
pound steel shoes, and in the locker room the coach said, "Mac, try these new
Nikes in the second half.” Multiply that by ten and you'll understand how
great it feels to unload your “emotional baggage”
through the power of

The Power of Attitude (an excerpt)
~Mac Anderson
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