If you will agree to come
I will show you a special place

The doorway
is through the hidden world
of dreams

I have never taken a visitor there
But you are special

I can trust you with my inner visions

And know
that you will hold them sacred
as sacred as our love

Only souls who have merged
can share the secrets
of my special place

You held the key
which opened the lock
When I allowed you to experience
My love for you

You seemed to know,
without being told

This was sacred ground!
Known only to me;

But, Oh! How I longed
To share its many delights!

We will bathe in the crystal waters
And laugh
and splash
under the waterfall

We will lie under the Lilacs
and the honeysuckle

And I will hold you in my arms

A precious person,
in a precious place

We will tread barefoot
on the damp grass

And ride on Unicorns
to watch the sunset

In the still night air
we will lie together
under a canopy of stars
in my little Pagoda shaped house
with the open windows

And listen to the nightingale sing

Once you have discovered the key
To my secret place,
We will meet there often

The doorway
is through the land of dreams
while we are alive

So too, will our secret haven be

Whatever happens
on the outside
Can never change this place

If we are separated in time,
by fate
Not of our choosing

I will be standing at the doorway

The scented air,
blowing through
the muslin curtains

Waiting for you!
My Special Place
Don’t ever think that there’s not enough time
to show how much you care.
Always remember,
big things are nice,
but it’s the small stuff in life that counts.
All our dreams,
All our hopes,
All our aspirations,
They all add up to equal one thing;
Our life.

Without them,
Life isn't
what it was meant to be. 3
Life is full of people who will make you laugh,
cry, smile until your face hurts,
and so happy that you think you'll burst.
But the ones who leave their footprints on your soul
are the ones that keep your life going. 4

It is not necessary
to deny another's reality
in order to affirm your own. 5

Live your life from your heart.
Share from your heart.
And your story
will touch and heal people's souls.
[1] -My Special Place ~Alison Stormwolf
-used with kind permission – see her own site at:
[2-3-4] ~Unknown
[5] ~Anne Wilson Schaef
[6] ~Unknown
MorningStar Inspirations from
Dawn Cove Abbey
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