[1] ~Nike ad
[2] ~Wayne Dyer
[3] ~Eckhart Tolle
[4] -Achieving Maturity ~Jeanie Miley
[5] ~Unknown
[6] ~Eleanor Roosevelt
[7] ~Noel Coward
[8] ~Audre Lorde
[9] ~Barbara Sher
[10] ~Chris Turner
[11] ~Klaas
My importance to the world is relatively small.
On the other hand,
my importance to myself is tremendous.
I am all I have to work with,
to play with,
to suffer and to enjoy.

It is not the eyes of others that I am wary of,
but of my own.
I do not intend to let myself down
more than I can possibly help,
and I find that the fewer illusions I have
about myself or the world around me,
the better company I am for myself.

A bumper sticker said:
"How much of it is up to you?"
All of it is up to me.
Success or failure is up to me.
I can blame no one
and only myself can take the credit.

This journey is
ALL up to me.
When I dare to be powerful-
to use my strength
in the service of my vision,
then it becomes
less and less important

You can learn new things
at any time in your life
if you're willing to be a beginner.
If you actually learn to like being a beginner,
the whole world opens up to you.

Learn how to rethink,
and you start to change.

And dare I say it . . .
When you change . . .
you will actually grow . .  .
toward your full maturity . . .
All your life you are told the things you cannot do.
All your life they will say
you're not good enough
or strong enough
or talented enough;

they will say
you're the wrong height
or the wrong weight
or the wrong type
to play this
or be this
or achieve this.

They will tell you - no,
a thousand times no,
until all the no's become meaningless.

All your life they will tell you
quite firmly
and very quickly.
And you will tell them - Yes. 1

"The more they tell me I can't do it,
the more I'm going to do it,"
he told me.
"No one's going to stop me,
and I mean no one!"

If I had closed my eyes,
I would have been positive
that the rebel taking his stand in my face
was an adolescent, or,
perhaps, a 2-year-old
trying out his independence
and taking a stand for being self-reliant,
and independent.

With my eyes wide open, however,
I could see that the strong stand
was being made by someone
well over several hills of adulthood.  

This defiant human being had long ago
seen mid-life in his rear-view mirror
and should have been past the point
of needing to assert himself quite so forcefully.

When you judge another,
you do not define
you define yourself. 2

So, who is in charge here,
I thought to myself,
making my way through a crowded room
to watch the real children
doing age-appropriate activities.

The joy of being,
which is the only true happiness,
cannot come to you through any form,
person or event . . .
through anything that happens.

joy cannot come to you ever.
It emanates
from the formless dimension within you,
from consciousness itself
and thus one
with who you are. 3

I know myself well enough
to be fully acquainted
with that part of me
that wants to rebel
- -the square-jawed and elbows akimbo - -
when I'm strong-armed
or manipulated by someone else
who is bent on imposing his/her will
or values on me.  

I'm pretty clear
that there is still an adolescent spirit in my psyche,
a force that rises up now and then
and makes me do “age-inappropriate things”.  

(what is “age-appropriate”,
and who decides that, anyway?)

It hasn't really been that long
since I heard a quiet voice in my head saying,
"Make me do it.  
I dare you."

If I do self-destructive
or offensive things
just to prove that I am not controlled by other people,
I am making a big announcement
that I am, in fact,
controlled by those whose influence
I am trying so hard to escape.

If I do stupid things
just to show someone
that I can do
what I want to do,
when I want to
and where I want to,
then I'm caught
in the grips of those folks
against whom I am rebelling.

Reacting to other people
proves that
I'm not quite as free
as I want to think I am.

There's something delightful about 2-year-olds;
and adolescents that can light up your world.

Each, in appropriate time,
is supposed to rebel
in order to establish identity and gain autonomy.   
Asserting oneself,
standing one's ground,
and even,
defying those who have control,
is all part of growing up
and becoming an individual person.

each of us has to do something obnoxious
in the journey toward maturity.

(Obnoxious to whom:
and who decides

The point of human development, however,
is to grow to the point
where you are secure enough within yourself
that you don't have to rebel
in order to prove
that you are independent
and autonomous.  

It's important to grow up
and grow past
those reactive behaviours;
designed to prove maturity
that isn't, after all,

Getting over being a kid
doesn't mean I have to leave the good parts of childhood
and adolescence behind.

I can retain the beauty of child-likeness
without being childish,
but it takes some effort
and it takes some time.

And when I am sure of my own self,
I don't have to prove
to anyone else
that I am not

In fact,
it is when I don't have to prove it any more
that I really am all grown up. 4

There was once an Emperor who told his horseman
that if he could ride on his horse
and cover as much land area as he likes,
then the Emperor would give him the area of land he has

Sure enough, the horseman quickly jumped onto his horse
and rode as fast as possible to cover as much land area as he
He kept on riding and riding,
whipping the horse to go as fast as possible.

When he was hungry, thirsty or tired,
he did not stop because he wanted to cover as much area as

It came to a point when he had covered a substantial area
and he was exhausted and was dying.

Then he asked himself,
"Why did I push myself so hard to cover so much land area?
Now I am dying
and I only need a very small area
to bury myself."

Isn’t this similar to our journey of Life?
We push very hard everyday to make more money,
to gain power and recognition, and whatever.

We neglect our health,
time with our family,
and to appreciate the surrounding beauty
and the hobbies we love to do.

One day when we look back,
we will realize
that we don't really need that much,
but then we cannot turn back time
for what we have missed.

Life is not about making money,
acquiring power or recognition.

Life is definitely not about work!
Work is only necessary
to keep us living
so as to enjoy the beauty
and pleasures of life.

Life is a balance of Work and Play,
Family, and Personal time.

You have to decide how you want to balance your Life.

Define your priorities,
realize what you are able to compromise
but always let some of your decisions
be based on your instincts.

is the meaning
and the purpose of Life;
the whole aim of human existence.

The purpose of life,
after all,
is to live it,
to taste
and experience it to the utmost,
to reach out eagerly
and without fear
for newer and richer experiences.

So, take it easy,
do what you want to do and appreciate nature.
Life is fragile,
Life is short.
Do not take Life for granted.
Live a balanced lifestyle
and enjoy Life!
MorningStar Inspirations from
Dawn Cove Abbey
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Watch your thoughts,
they become words.

Watch your words;
they become actions.

Watch your actions;
they become habits.

Watch your habits;
they become character.

Watch your character;
it becomes your destiny.
Achieving Maturity