You have the right
to be you
- the way you are;
the way you want to be.

You have the right
to grow;
to change;
to become;
to strive;
to reach for any goal;
to be limited only
by your degree of talent
and amount of effort.

You have the right
to privacy
- in marriage;
or any relationship or group;

- the right
to keep a part of your life secret,
no matter how trivial or important,
merely because
you want it to be that way.

You have the right
to be alone
part of the each day,
each week and
each year
to spend time with
and on yourself.

You have the right
to be loved
and to love;
to be accepted;
cared for;
and adored;
and you have the right
to fulfill that right.

You have the right
to ask questions of anyone
at anytime
in any matter that affects your life,
so long as it is your business to do so;
and to be listened to
and taken seriously.

You have the right
to self-respect
and to do everything you need to do
to increase your self-esteem,
and build on your worth
so long as you hurt no one in doing so.

You have the right
to be happy,
to find something in the world
that is meaningful
and rewarding to you
and that gives you
a sense of completeness,
and fulfillment.

You have the right
to be trusted
and to trust;
and to be taken at your word.

If you are wrong,
you have the right
to be given a chance
to make good if possible.

You have the right
to change your mind.

You have the right
to be free
as long as you act responsibly
and are mindful of the rights of others
and of those obligations
that you entered into freely.

You have the right
to win;
to succeed;
to compete;
to make plans;
to see those plans fulfilled;
to become the best
you can possibly become.

You have a right
to boundaries
and limits;
a right to be intentional;
- a right
. . .  to choice.

Just as all others have these same rights. 1

The universe supports the reality of your beliefs

When you believe you must struggle for abundance,
then it will bring about situations
that are conducive to struggle;

when you believe you cannot experience love without pain,
the universe will give you exactly that
- love with pain;

when you believe it takes time for an illness to heal
- then so it will.

There is not a single force opposing you,
there is only
ONE force

It is called LOVE,
the force that birthed you,
that created you in its own image.

This love is so magnanimous
it will give you exactly
and absolutely
whatever it is
that your reality entails.

Change your beliefs
and you change
your reality.
I honor the place within you
in which the entire universe dwells.

I honor the place in you
which is of love, of truth, of light and of peace.

When you are in that place in you,

I am in that place in me.

We are one.

and say what you feel

because those who mind
don't matter
and those who matter
don't mind.
Oh Great Spirit
let the cells in my body
reflect the love bestowed on me.

Let the patterns of my cells
be always ones of beauty
to your eyes.

For I wander here and there,
like a blind person

When my eyes are gifted
with your exquisite joy

I fall prostrate before you
in my reverence

And my soul knows it has a home.
[1] -ANOTHER BILL OF RIGHTS ~Author Unknown
[2] ~Author Unknown
[3] ~Dr. Seuss
[4] ~Alison Storm Wolf
A Different Bill Of Rights
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