I have never loved and hated you in my life, as much as I do now.  I can never be with
you again Alcohol, and I'm going to miss you.

Alcohol, you are the biggest, strongest opponent I have ever met.

Although I fear you greatly and I realize your strength,
I'll beat you, you bastard,
because you see,
I'm fighting for my life.

~Farewell To Alcohol -Anon. 1988
A Farewell Letter to Alcohol
Dawn Cove Abbey
Providing Roadside Assistance for your Journey through Life
From, "One! The Journey hOMe", the eBook by Klaas Tuinman © 2007-2017
Dear Alcohol,

I haven't seen you for a while.  How are you doing?  When I first met you
eight years ago, you made me pretty sick- but I fell in love with you.

It seemed with you along I could do anything; I fit right in at parties, I could
talk to girls/guys when otherwise I would have been too shy, and most of all
you made me feel strong.

You were great Alcohol.  Of course, along with all that strength, courage and
wittiness comes some trouble.  But, any real friendship has its ups and downs,

Alcohol, you have been my best friend for a long, long time.  In that time a lot
of other friends have come and gone, but you stuck right by me.

Then something happened; you changed, Alcohol.  You made me do things I
didn't want to do - you made me do things that made no sense to me - you
made me hurt the people I loved the most, and I hate you for that Alcohol.

Why did you have to change?  We had a great relationship, and I want it
back.  Since you and I both know that you are too stubborn to change back,
we need to make some changes.

I don't think you ever liked me Alcohol - I think you used me.  You built up
my trust in you, and when my guards were down you took over.

Alcohol, I have seen you ruin my brother’s life, and you are slowly but surely killing
a man I love very much - my uncle. You also killed my 19-year-old friend, and I will
never forgive you for that.

I can't trust you any more Alcohol - you are too powerful, and I am really afraid of
your power.  I'm afraid you won't leave me alone.  I'm afraid you won't leave my
other brothers and sisters alone, but most of all Alcohol, I'm afraid to have children
because I know you will try to make them your friend.
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