That solvent, the remover of things,
is Alcohol:
it has no equal.
An Alcoholic always has an excuse . . .
A winner always has a program.
How to tell when an alcoholic is lying:
when his/her lips are moving.
This is quite correct,
but that is not all it will remove,
for that solvent is very versatile.

It will also remove winter,
and autumn
clothes from a wife,
or husband and children,
if used in sufficient quantity.

It will remove furniture
and rugs from a home,
food from a table,
lining from a stomach,
vision from the eyes,
and judgement from the mind.
That solvent will also remove
a good job,
good friends,

hope and happiness
from children's hearts,
sanity, freedom,
man's ability to adjust
and live with his fellow men,
and remove life itself.
Alcohol: the Universal Solvent

The Amazing Power Of Alcohol & Addiction
A Universal Solvent
With Amazing Power

A friend says he recently read in a newspaper
that there is a powerful solvent
that will really remove stains from clothing.
Dawn Cove Abbey
Providing "Roadside Assistance" for your Journey through Life
Detoxifying The Alienated Conditioned Mind
From, "One! The Journey hOMe", the eBook  by Klaas Tuinman M.A ©2007-20
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It is also "amazing" how there is always money for the alcohol,
or other substance(s), yet none for food, bills, shelter, etc, - Not!