About the Abbey: Sacred Space
A Different Healing Place
Life Skills Facilitator - Teacher, Life Guide-Tutor  Klaas Tuinman
Deerfield, NS.  2010: (Rev 2018) - Ontario
Established in 1995, in commemoration of Abbey Dawn in Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Using its name, but altering the word sequence of its name, and adding "Cove" (because of my original  
Maritime locality), this is my version that tries to reflect
Abbey Dawn's spirit, while having added my own  

I continue the tradition of  focusing on blending body, mind and spirit in that reverential, holistic manner.  
Towards that goal, I provide resources for human growth here: mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Although it now online, and no longer a typical abbey of the traditional style, Dawn Cove Abbey is very much   
a community still; one with members around the world. In fact, there are hundreds of them, and they actively
participated, and continue to do so through the stories, insights, and experiences they encountered, and    

Since I am also an itinerant priest, the Abbey also offers full services such as Baptisms, Marriages, etc.
Dawn Cove Abbey is made possible, in part, through generous gifts, help and donations of members past     
and present. There are no charges for personal healing assistance - no one has ever been turned away, or
refused services or help because of financial difficulty: only workshops and seminars etc have a fee. It is my  
way of paying forward all the things people, and life, have given me.  I shall always be grateful to all of      
those who have contributed. I sincerely hope that Dawn Cove Abbey may be of benefit to you.

I believe in the "Pay It Forward" principle (where you pass along to others any good deeds that have been done
to you), because throughout life I have been the recipient of many people's kindnesses, and the Abbey   is my
way of paying it forward.

Dawn Cove Abbey provides the information and
resources on the site freely: it is available to all. If you      
found this page, and the information on the site helpful, and know someone else who could benefit from it,
please tell them: that will be your way of paying it forward.

I sincerely hope that you take the
Less Travelled Road  and that it brings awakening  and healing to you.

Dawn Cove Abbey's history and connections - are in transition and unfolding: Humanistic:  because I believe  
that people are the agents, and our human cultures and institutions are the agencies. Spiritual (connectedness):  
because I believe everything (and everyone) is inter-connected - the web of life.

Spiritual: extra-personal connectedness: (our connectedness with others, and the "Universe" however you  
imagine it to be): recognizing the unity of all things, being connected, and inter-connected, with  something
larger than self, harmony with the universe, having authentic relationships with others, and   helping others     
to self-actualize, developing more responsible interpersonal relationships. Everything (and everyone) is
inter-connected - the web of life.

We live in a world where kindness, decency, concern and consideration are viewed with suspicion, and are   
often mistaken for weakness.

In our current socio-cultural world, these qualities appear to be more and more an exception, than a rule.  My
desire is to help promote understanding to change that through knowledge, understanding, personal growth
and healing. For more on my approach, see
About Healing.
One of the important things it provides (perhaps somewhat uniquely), is that they can mingle here, in a
manner  of speaking, with others who have walked the same path, and hear/read their insights  and tales of
their experiences; both of which may provide keys to their further progress - we move forward on the basis
of  our new insights gained from reflecting on all we've experienced, seen, heard and felt, etc.

Dawn Cove Abbey was originally headquartered in Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, Canada, but has since
moved to western Ontario, Canada. Its electronic reach is international. The focus is on Human Healing,
Growth & Potential through Empowerment. It does so though providing various outreach services and
programs: workshops and seminars.

My name is
Klaas Tuinman and in 1995 I established Dawn Cove Abbey, as a healing/learning
centre/sanctuary, in memoriam and tribute to
Abbey Dawn of Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and in honour of   
it’s founder: Wallace Havelock Robb

Wallace was a poet, historian, naturalist, and most important, a friend. Abbey Dawn was a gathering place
for scholars artists, poets, writers & religious folk of all kinds: creative & spiritual people. The entire focus
was on the inherent good of people, and the true history of how we came to be, rather than the one
promoted normally in schools, etc.

Dawn Cove Abbey is very much modelled on that format and philosophy. It is a humanistic - spiritual (not
religious) community devoted to helping men, women, anywhere overcome their challenges and barriers    
to regain inner balance and harmony (recovery and healing), actualize their potential.
The healing tradition is continued here by offering services for spiritual
and mental emotional wellbeing.
Dawn Cove Abbey provides guidance for growth, healing and empowerment through
personal life coaching/counselling, as well as the many information and support files      
that exist on this website - the information is free and available to all
Healing: Dawn Cove Abbey Online provides a "setting" that is conducive to healing journeys: an
online retreat centre, so to speak.

A positive healing journey requires at least two things:
"Set" and "Setting": it has this in
common with other situations where intense experiences may occur, or which are hoped for;
that includes "
Peak Experiences". See the introduction to "About Healing" here on the site.
Historically and traditionally, Abbeys have been retreats: places people went to for a respite, and inner
healing and growth. In earlier times, they were huge centres where  the members spent most of their lives.
This online part of Dawn Cove Abbey is a contemporary version of those: an
online refuge. With it's
resources and graphic designs, it is a restful learning and healing place.

Dawn Cove Abbey began as a physical place near the ocean in Nova Scotia, one that has metamorphosed
into an online mode (beginning as a Computer Bulletin Board System [BBS]; one that is more congruent with
the time we live in; a "cyber"  oasis, so to speak, where weary travellers can sojourn to reorient themselves
and   absorb what they have learned so far, and the experiences they encountered on the way, and kind of
all let it settle in place before beginning the next stage of their healing journey. A cove is a sheltered place.