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Since 1982 - Online since 1992

Re-visioning the Human Behaviour Spectrum In A New Key
    Hence, Dawn Cove Abbey has become a place and site that is conducive to people's growth and
    healing  journeys: and in this format, an online retreat an study centre, that will help empower
    those in search of improving their lives, or who are looking for information to help loved ones,
    and others. That process involves envisioning human behaviour in brand-new ways.

    To truly understand human behaviour, the first important thing to understand is that there
    are no special "spectrums" within the vast continuum of human behaviour: that continuum of
    human behaviour IS a spectrum - one with great variations. This shift of the approach to a better
    understanding not only human behaviour in general, but also in the understanding of oneself.
    One way of looking at this is to think of it approaching it like a new key: same music, but now
    playing out in a more suitable, "correct" key.

    The site is dynamic and new material is added regularly. It provides Emotional, Mental and
    Spiritual Health Teaching, Support and Information: Along with this part of my activities,
    my desire also is to help people regain and maintain emotional and spiritual health (these two
    also assist in physical healing). All of this is supported by my workshops, seminars, and
    one-on-one guidance, facilitation and support to help promote this: see Services.

    A positive healing journey requires at least two things: "Set" and "Setting". And this is an ideal
    setting, in common with other situations where intense experiences may occur, or which are
    hoped for; that includes "Peak Experiences". See the introduction to "About Healing" for more
    on these, here on the site.

    You will find self-help, support, inspirational, and informational pages: information that
    is knowledgeable, factually correct, and helpful.  It is here to provide informative assistance
    for whatever it is that brought you here, whether you're working on improving, re-visioning,
    or repurposing your life: or to understand a person in your life who is in emotional, spiritual
    or mental distress. Counselling, mentoring, coaching and guidance are also available.

    Thoughts, feelings and emotions are the food we feed our mind and spirit with. Good food
    produces wholesome wellness: this site is full of "good food" - mind and spirit food. We live
    in a magnificent world teeming with natural beauty, with thousands of vibrant cultures, and
    billions of decent people, all of whom simply wish to live a happy, decent life. But among
    that great diversity are two small, but powerful sub-cultures: the "shaming-blaming" one,
    and the "fear-based" one - these are active in all main cultures.

    They have achieved prominence totally out of all proportion to the actual reality, because of
    the way media, and mental health professionals who should  know better, have jumped on
    their negative band-wagon and portray them as powerful. They really are not dominant, they
    are SUB-cultures. When we see and treat them for what they are; 'SUBcultures', we take
    that power away from them.

    This site is here to help folks to overcome their negative "conditioning". I have nothing to
    sell. My name is Klaas Tuinman site webmaster, and the "staff" - here's my career summary
    and credentials. I simply provide "Roadside Assistance"; you'll find many encouraging
    examples of many, many exceptions to the dysfunctional cultures. All the information
    and articles are FREE - for you to use and hopefully, share.

    Life is meant to be celebrated, see the full meaning of celebration HERE and Transitions.
    It is my wish that through this site I can assist you in bringing the joy back to your life, and
    help you to be able to celebrate life again. Among other things, you will rediscover an
    essential truth as you browse the site: that People (Others and YOU) are not their "Label",
    their "Disorder", "Complex", "Syndrome", Spectrum", or  their "Disease", and etc. For example,
    we all know of people (perhaps even ourselves as well, who have set "routines" that are
    reminiscent of being O-C (Obsessive Compulsive), but that is NOT a "disorder" or whatever,
    it is a behaviour - a way of organizing and patterning their day, their Life. These are the
    "rituals" and "rites" basically all humans have - with each person having established their
    own variations - as well, people change these "on the go" so to speak, from time to time. It
    is very common, to the point of basically being in the range of "Normal" (see Culture)
    behaviour: and thus it is not a disorder, complex, etc, etc.

    You will also begin to remember that You are not beginning, or going on a journey; you are
    already ON one, and have been since you were born. It's been a constant learning one - see
    more here.  And oh yes, You are Normal!  See "About Healing" and "Culture".

    The Help and Information here are not "Psychological", "Philosophical", nor "Theological":
    rather it is acquired from the wisdom garnered by humans over the ages - and added-to by
    what I learned from my wise elders, and my former clients and students; and through
    observing people in many places and situations during a long  time-frame; as well of course,
    through formal and continuing post-graduate study. They are based on Life in all its
    wondrous vastness, intricacies, variations and "mysteries", as I have come to understand it:
    and now share that with you - through this site.

    I fully believe in people's Human Potential, and their ability to achieve Peak Experiences.
    Assistance is available In-person, and via Distance.

    "Everything in your life is there as a vehicle
    for your transformation.
    We're all walking each other home".
                            ~Ram Dass

    Every Journey begins with a single step. Yours
    too; your First step . . .

    No one can walk with you till you take that first
    step, beautiful person.
    Thus, in a world with where much available information is dated, or erroneous, and inadequate to
    the situation and need, I chose to create not only a "library" to direct them to: but one that provides
    up-to-date current relevant materials, accurate reading, information, and study resources and wider
    ranging selections; thus, a Teaching site. The goal is to provide material that is pertinent to their needs,
    their journeys, their studies, and their stories and life pursuits. As well, I present it based on my
    acquired understanding and knowledge.

    Life is a continuous flow of transition: and so it is with information. Over time, new concepts,
    discoveries and insights occur, followed by revisions in "categories and definitions" regarding
    behaviours, illnesses, "disorders", traits, syndromes, (all with "labels", etc - as well as approaches
    to dealing and coping with them (and/or healing from them). In keeping up with these, this also
    became a place to assist people in healing, and in updating their life-skills due to improved
    information: also, it is also an excursion in detoxifying the alienated conditioned mind.
    Dawn Cove Abbey began in 1982 as a place for Mental, Spiritual and Emotional healing through
    counselling, mentoring, guidance and informational resources, as well as an eventual retreat
    centre. The online version was initiated in 1992 before the Internet, as a two-line electronic
    Bulletin Board System - and the website followed in 2006. It's original purpose was intended to be
    an information resource for my students and clients. It's popularity grew rapidly as people spread
    the word, and the site was modified to not only to provide general information on human behaviour,
    but also as a research-information centre on the rapid advances in understanding all aspects of
    human behaviour, and emotional, mental and spiritual issues and healing.

    The Dawn Cove Abbey website is the "book" so many have wanted me to write, over the years. But
    rather than write a printed one, I chose to create this "eBook"; free for anyone to benefit from. It is
    an ongoing work in progress, like a "Never-Ending Story" book.

    Knowledge often spreads slowly, and in the process much misinformation and incorrect
    information becomes rampant, in large part due to the field of "psychology" becoming more and
    more "scientific" - applying scientific rules/methods to describing, analyzing, classifying behaviours
    and behaviour patterns: an approach that has led only to more and more classifications and "labels",
    yet no improvement in truly helping people dealing with issues in their lives. Instead, medication
    became a popular "tool", with the aim of "reprogramming" people to compliantly "fit-back-in",
    and become "well-adjusted" to the "norms" of their socio-cultural environments whose ways were
    what contributed to their need for healing in the first place.  In many cases, the medication is a
    chemical restraint, and if that is insufficient to the goal, "institutionalizing" (physical restraint) is
    employed: all in order to serve "society" - not with the individual's best interests in mind.
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