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Re-visioning the Human Behaviour Spectrum In A New Key
From "One! The Journey hOMe",
the eBook by
Klaas Tuinman MA © 2007-2019

It is not  for sale; it is Free.
It's my way of Paying It Forward;
and is an ongoing work in progress,
like a
"Never-Ending Story" book.

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    "Everything in your life is there as a vehicle
    for your transformation.
    We're all walking each other home".
                            ~Ram Dass

    Every Journey begins with a single step. Yours
    too; your First step . . .

    No one can walk with you till you take that first
    step, beautiful person.
    This is an educational site about human behaviour and emotional, mental and spiritual problems.
    "Educate" means to "lead out", as in helping lead someone out of the darkness into the light.

    Much of what we have been taught about Life, Health, Illness, and Healing, etc, has been wrong.
    This site aims to help deprogram and detoxify people from that mystification.

    The human experience, and behaviour is a vast continuum: like the colour or sound spectrums.
    Both are continuous wholes, with variations withing the whole. Behaviour can only be understood that
    way. There are no "sub-spectrums": all variations are complementary to the whole: whether sound,
    colour, or human behaviour.

    Life is a continuous, dynamic flow of transition -constantly changing- and information and
    knowledge quickly become dated, erroneous, and inadequate to the need.  New concepts,
    discoveries and insights occur: including the field of mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Those
    are followed by revisions in "categories and definitions" regarding behaviours, illnesses, "disorders",
    traits, syndromes, (all with "labels", etc - as well as approaches to dealing and coping with them
    (and/or healing from them).

    Healing is a process of unlearning, learning, and re-learning: the site's purpose is to help you in that
    process. It assists people in healing, and in updating their life-skills due to improved information. In
    essence, it is an excursion in detoxifying the alienated conditioned mind: the process of letting go of
    all the erroneous beliefs, "knowledge", etc that we all grew up with, and replacing it with new
    information, and thus, Hope.

    In a way, you will acquire information in a "new key" so to speak - one which will allow you to better
    understand life: your own, and that of others around you. This shift of the approach leads to a better
    understanding, not only human behaviour in general, but also in the understanding of oneself. Hence,
    looking at it this way, is to think of approaching it like a new key: same music, but now playing out in a
    more suitable, "understandable" key; one that makes sense, and that you can  relate to.

    You will find information on a variety of topics on the human condition, and for self-help in
    various challenges and circumstances. Since information, knowledge and experience change
    constantly (life is dynamic) the contents here are continually edited and revised to reflect that. At the
    moment major revisions are in process, so please bear with me.
    Thank you for visiting. I welcome comments and questions. Please visit regularly; not only
    is the site continually being revised and updated, but new materials are added regularly.

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