This is my eBook:
"One! The Journey hOMe", by Klaas Tuinman MA © 2007-2019

It is
not  for sale; it is Free.

It's my way of
Paying It Forward;
and is an ongoing work in progress,
like a
"Never-Ending Story" book.

Dawn Cove Abbey
Roadside Assistance for your Journey through Life
- Dedicated to helping people return (and maintain) sanity and
decency to life -
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Welcome to Dawn Cove Abbey:
Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Wellness Teaching, Information and Support Site

Excursions in Detoxifying the Alienated Conditioned Mind
Hello, I'm Klaas, also known as Opa, or OpaKlaas.
HERE for more detail on me.
   How may I be of service to you?

Where do I come in, on your journey? Simply put, mine is a
quite minor role, compared to yours. I provide   the "space"
-a safe, comfortable place - for you to engage in creating your
own healing "space" - this is a rest stop along the way; and
there are also resources and support of many kinds for you to
peruse at your leisure.
And I'm here, as a fellow traveller, one who has walked many
trails. I am not a "counsellor" in the common usage of that
word. I am not you - I do not know the answer to what you
need. But I may be of assistance in helping you find it.

My role is to provide with new tools (the information and
support items on the site), and to listen, and perhaps suggest
some things for you consider; perhaps ask that if what you've
been doing isn't working for you, to try something else;
something "new". I am a Healing

I cannot, and will not, TELL you what to do - I am not you;
my "job" is I helping people to believe in,and heal themselves.

We can brainstorm about it, together; if you so desire. And     
I can accompany you for a bit, on the trail - or perhaps walk
alongside on the entire journey. Once again, that is YOUR
choice to make - not mine.

One of my main roles in these journeys people are on, besides
providing them with new tools and insights provided by the
articles and information, is that of Guide - I am familiar with
much of the terrain and can help avoid pitfalls, and perhaps
suggest new options. More about my approach is in the page
called "
About Healing".
< An introduction to the healing
and the approach taken
here;   as well as the nature of the
healing journey itself.

< Comprehensive Healing
and support section.

< Various articles and information
on Relationships, including
of Intimacy"

< This section that looks at
healthy, functional families (not
perfect ones), including

< Information & discussion on
Behavioural &  Emotional
Issues and Challenges
Management, Depression, Stress,
Phobias, etc) Assertiveness, Love
VS Obsession, and more . . .

< Many positive, inspiring, and
helpful poems, essays and stories
from hundreds of people: survivors.
It's called Positive GOOD READS.

< This is the Main positive
support  Directory home page.

<  Workshops & Retreats:
      & Healing Circle
"Everything in your life is there as a
vehicle for your transformation.
We're all walking each other home".
~Ram Dass

Every Journey begins with a single   
step. Yours too; your
First step . . .
No one can walk with you
till you  
take   that first step,
beautiful person.
Children: (Reminiscences >
& memories (uplifting)   about
and from childhood

Awakening: About  >
New beginnings - when you
realize it is time for
meaningful, positive change:
stories from others to inspire

Friendship: Stories    >  
about friendship and the joy
and enrichment it brings to
our lives

And a special page:
"Normal" 101  
About what "normal"

Jealousy                >

Multiple Personality    >
Dissociative Identity

Dissociation: Zoning Out.
Meditation or Disconnection?

The Culture of
Dysfunction        >
Description of services that are  >
available, besides the free
information of the site itself.

Insightful information and        
discussion about
Alcoholism and
it's devastating effects on the
individual, family and community.

A comprehensive section of      
Dysfunctional families
(often     a
result of addictions).

Adult Children from  >  
Alcoholic/Dysfunctional families

- and the effect it had on them:
including the "
Lost Child"

Stress & Stress Management >

ANXIETY Spectrum              >

Depression                          >
You may find the following selections from the Information/Support Libraries       
helpful  as well.
CLICK/TAP on the Icon beside the titles
More being added regularly

Site information continues below
Fear: informative, helpful
articles on and about Fear.

the ultimate  
Soul Detoxifier             

Life Transitions: there  are
many "transitions in life - as
from childhood, into  teens,
adulthood and  passing, etc.
All need to be celebrated.
Here are some stories.

Lost Child
(role):     >
the most severe "casualty"
from dysfunctional family life.

Defeating Behaviours    

Growng Old and Suddenly
Maturing with  
Dignity and Grace   

Education - Socialization
Our life-long learning process

The role of Culture in our lives
Counselling -Guidance
Services Assistance         > >
Dawn Cove Abbey: Helping people regain and maintain mental, emotional and spiritual wellness
supplemented by workshops, seminars, retreats and

                                      Roadside Assistance on Life's Healing Journeys
                                                              Online since 1992

Dawn Cove Abbey Online provides a
"setting" that is conducive to healing journeys: an online
retreat and study centre, so to speak, because to experience a positive healing journey requires at
least two things:
"Set" and "Setting": it has this in common with other situations where  intense
experiences may occur, or which are hoped for; that includes
"Peak Experiences". See the
introduction to "About Healing" for more on these
here on the site.

The site provides self-help, support, inspirational, and informational pages.  It is here to provide  
help for whatever it is that brought you here, whether you're working on improving, re-visioning,      
or re-purposing your life: or to understand a person in your life who is in emotional, spiritual or
mental distress. Counselling, mentoring and guidance are also available.

Thoughts, feelings and emotions are the food we feed our mind and spirit with. Good food     
produces wholesome wellness: this site is full of
"good food" - mind and spirit food.

We live in a magnificent world teeming with natural beauty, with thousands of vibrant cultures,     
and  billions of decent people, all of whom simply wish to live a happy, decent life. But among      
that great diversity are two
small, but powerful sub-cultures: the "shaming-blaming" one, and        
"fear-based" one.

They have achieved prominence totally out of all proportion to the actual reality, because of the    
way media, and mental health professionals who should  know better have jumped on their      
negative band-wagon and portray them as powerful. They really are not dominant, they are SUB-
cultures. When we see and treat them for what they are; '
SUBcultures', we take that power away  
from them.

This site is here to help folks in doing that. I have nothing to sell: I simply provide "
you'll find many encouraging examples of many, many exceptions to these cultures     

Life is meant to be celebrated, see the full meaning of celebration
HERE and Celebrate-Life. Let's   
see if we can (together) bring the joy back to your life, and help you be able to celebrate again.
Among other things, you will rediscover an essential truth as you browse the site:
  • that People (Others and YOU) are not their "Label", their "Disorder", "Complex",   
    "Syndrome", or  their "Disease", and etc.
  • and You are not beginning, or going on a journey; you are already on one, and have been     
    since you were born. It's been a constant learning one - see more here.
  • And oh yes, You are Normal! See "About Healing" and "Culture".

The Help and Information here are not "Psychological", "Philosophical", nor "Theological":    
rather it is acquired from the wisdom garnered by humans over the ages - and added-to by my  
former   clients and  students; and through observing people in many places and situations during a
long  time-frame; as well of course, through "formal" and   self-directed study. They are based on  
Life in all its wondrous vastness, intricacies and "mysteries", as I have come to understand it: and
now share that with you. I fully believe in people's
Human Potential, and their ability to achieve   
Peak Experiences.

                   Introduction and comments continue after the site information below.

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